Monday, September 15, 2014

Bula. Kaise. Mauri. Talofa.

Bula. Kaise. Mauri. Talofa.
Its not just Bula anymore. haha(:
This week has been so fun! Makoi is awesome. I miss Lami. But Makoi reminds me of a little Nadi! haha! So it has been fun! They transferred me over here on Tuesday evening and I got my new companion. Sister Alaga, from Samoa. She has been on her mission for about 9 months. So it will be good because we don't have to worry about training or anything. We get to just be missionaries. But, she is awesome. We have had so much fun this past week(:
The sun is still out and my skin is getting darker again!(: I am getting my permanent tan back and my feet have a tan from my shoes, so that means, we are working really hard and walking EVERYWHERE! One thing about Makoi, is there aren't busses like there has been in my last few areas. So our only option is taxi and walk. So walking it is. But it has been fun, because there are so many people here so we can just talk to everyone!(:
One thing that I have loved is that where every you go, fijians are always the same.(: They LOVE with all they have. They love more than I knew was even possible. And I hope, by the end on my mission I obtain that attribute!(: But the people here are what make this area. The members are so awesome and they LOVE the missionaries. I have met some amazing people here and I already love them so much!(: On Tuesday, I was super nervous about coming so I asked for a blesing from our District leader in Lami, he came and gave me a blessing and something he said was "you promised people before this life that you would meet them and teach them. You will meet those people." And I have, I have definitelu met those people, because I just love them so so so much!
Anyways, we have this investigator, Sala. She is 24 and has 2 kids. She is the BOMB. She has been so interested in the church because her mom and sister joined last year. She has been taking lessons on and off since her mom and sister started the lessons but never finished or progressed to baptism. This week we were able to see her almost everyday I was here and teach her. Because that is what she wanted. She kept telling us come back tomorrow. And she came to church on Sunday and LOVED IT! This week we had such a awesome lesson with her and her sister in law, who is also a new investigator. We were teaching the Plan of Salvation and they were both really interested. Both Sala, and Kalera were asking questions. And the spirit was answering.. then the next day, me and sister Alaga went back and taught Sala and invited her to be baptized. She didn't even have to think about it. She was more than ready to be baptized. It is amazing to me how people are just prepared to hear and accept the gospel at a certain time. She could've made it this far last year with her mom, but for some reason, she is now ready. I am so happy I get to be apart of it.
So this week was awesome. Still settling in, but loving it. I am still studying the atonement and am LOVING IT! This week I read a talk from Brad Wilcox "His grace is Sufficient" and I LOVED IT! If you can go read it, because it is awesome. But, something I learned from it, is that the atonement doesn't only save us, it is so much more than that. It is the hope to know that everything is going to be okay. It is the love that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ has for us. It is the reason for us to change. Sometimes I am so self critical on myself, and something that I have read over and over again since studying is to "see myself through Heavenly Fathers eyes". I know I am far from perfect, But because of the atonement, i know, past my imperfections, he still loves me and everyone else in this world. Like it says in D&C 67:13 "...continue n patience until [we] are perfected". So the Atonement is real. Its up to us how we use it.(:
So this week was good and awesome. I love you guys so much!! You guys are seriously the BEST FAMILY EVER!!!(:
Au lomani iko. Hum tum se pyaar carta hey. i tagiriko. 
Sister Rich

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