Monday, September 30, 2013

My first lesson in Fijian

Week 3 went by faster than I could've imagined! haha The weeks are going by so fast! This week was so so so good though! We had so many good lessons and good experiences! Sister Lavaka and I are getting along so well and we are having so much fun together! She has the same personality as me so we joke around all the time! But, she does talk WAY more than me! So, thats a good thing too!(: Haha 
So this week in my training, I had to start taking the leads in the lessons we teach to our investigators! So this week I have been teaching all the lessons! I even had to teach in Fijian! Which is rare here in Nadi! Usually we speak more of the Fijian language when we go deep in the villages  because a lot of the people we teach are hindu or indian.. so they speak english! Haha But Teaching in Fijian was so amazing, and the lesson went surprisingly really good! haha I thought I was totally going to fail! But, I didn't! Haha(: Heavenly Father was definitely on my side for that one!(: Training is going so good! I am loving all the info it gives us! Me and sister lavaka made these little things for an object lesson when we teach about the apostasy! We just cut out a house on paper and then we made it so we have Jesus Christ as the foundation, prophets, apostles, and power as the middle part and then the room is the church! And we talk about how when Jesus died, we still had the apostles and prophets who had the power, so the church could still stand! But then the prophets and apostles died and no one had the power.. so then the church can stand by itself! It makes the lesson so much easier to understand! Especially for the little kids to understand! It even helped me understand it more! So that was a plus! Lets see what else happened this week?! We mostly went to visit alot of less actives! And when we do that we just share a spiritual thought and talk to them! Some of the speak Hindu and some speak Fijian
Okay my funny story of the week! We went to Sobeto again this week! Which by the way, our area got split and so we don't have Sobeto anymore! but we have some really young girls who are our investigators and we introduced them to the elders that are now in Sobeto, but they told them they didn't want to talk lessons from them! So we got permission to go and teach them! But, once we are done teaching them, we can't go up there anymore../: Anyways, we were teaching a girl named Oli! She is 10! She is so sweet but super quiet! I got to teach her in Fijian! haha that was interesting! But, anyways.. so we were in the middle of the lesson and her little sister comes out! Her little sister is 2 and so chubby! Like she weights more than Carly! She is huge! And calling people fat here isn't an insult! haha its a good thing to them! Haha! But anyways, this little girl is so fat! She is so funny! She kept saying to me in the middle of the lesson "Vosa lewa" Which means like stop talking! And it was so so so funny! And then after we just ignored her she sat down with us and just started going "Vinaka.. vinaka.. vinaka" Which means thank you.. haha so she was trying to get us to pay attention to her the whole time! It was Hilarious! This little girl is so cheeky and talks so much! When we asked her questions she would respond so funny! We were dying! The elders were laughing so hard! Haha!(: 
My distrist is so much fun! We are always laughing and having fun! We always joke about how we need to be a united district! But when we are all together we get nothing done! Haha on Tuesdays we have district meetings and so we all meet together and we talk about our week and talk about ways to help our investigators and it should take like an hour but it takes us like 2 1/2 because we all talk so much! but, it is good because we really help each other! On thursdays, we have missionary service! We go and do service for members and we always go together! haha we call ourselves the Moku siga district, which means "waste of time" hahaha it is so funny! We have so much fun! We have become so close like a family!(: 
So cool story for this week(: We were talking to this family! Less active mom and the dad is a methodist! so we were talking to them with the kids and the little girl, mikayla, wanted to bear her testimony after we were done! And she was bearing it and then she goes, "I hope one day I can become a missionary, just like you guys!" Me and sister lavaka looked at eachother and, I feel like grandma saying this.. but our hearts just melted! That was a proud missionary moment! And one i'll never forget! 
Okay so another funny story! I had been holding my pee all day long because here it is weird to use other peoples bathrooms! Haha but anyways, so i can usually hold it but for some reason the other night, i couldn't! I had to pee so bad! Soo... we were at the chapel and we went to get bread because we didn't have any in our flat and the chapel is just across the street from our flat. so we went to get some for the next morning and i couldn't even walk because I had to pee so bad! haha We had to sit there for like 10 minutes until i could move because I had to pee so bad! Sister Lavaka was Laughing so hard! So in Fiji at night time there are a TON of frogs! so i was just standing there and sister lavaka was laughing because i couldn't move and then a frog jumped on my foot and i screamed and totally started to pee my pants... haha yep! I was so scared of that stupid frog and Sister Lavaka was just sitting there DYING LAUGHING! And then I started laughing and we were just dying! Good thing it was like 9 oclock so no one was at the chapel! But oh my gosh! It was the funniest thing! haha(: 
Well that was my week in a shortened version! I wish you guys were here with me so you could all have this amazing experience with me! I can't even begin to tell you how much I am loving it here! I am loving the people and this place and the ward! Sister Mataitoga told me to tell you she says hello and she sends her regards to you and the family(: She is the lady who is like my mom here! She is so sweet!(: But, anyways, I love you guys so so so so so much! you guys are so so so so amazing! Don't ever forget how much i love you guys and how grateful for you! I love you guys so much! Be safe this week and don't forget to feed the missionaries and give them referrals if you can(: It makes our job easier! haha(: 

-Sister Rich

Sunday, September 22, 2013

A family from the ward!

Sunset walking into town

Walking around! Haha 

This is Hiro! We had his baptism this weekend!

Waiting for the buses! haha

Lessons, Training and Funerals

Oh man has this week been such an experience for me! Homesickness is getting so much easier! I am really loving the people and the members of the ward I am in is amazing! I can't even begin to tell you hoe much I am going to love this place by the time I leave! This week was a hard one physically and mentally! So we have one of the biggest areas! We go from two little villages called Sabeto all the way to town! Which is like a 2 hour walk! So most of the time we take buses! But, when we run out of bus fair.. we don't really have an option! We also have villages that go all the way to the beach.. which is like an hour walk from town and buses don't go down there because all the roads are rocks.. so we have to walk pretty much everywhere, unless we are on the main road! So I am seriously dying by bed time! But, it is a good work out and that means these first few months, I'm not going to be gaining any weight, because we walk so much and it is so hot here I'll just sweat it all off! haha(: But, its all worth it!
So Monday after we got done emailing, we went to quito (Sports). Since its pday we got to do that with all the YSA and other elders in our district! We had so much fun! We got home and did our studies and then we went out and taught some lessons! Tuesday was such a busy day! We had district meetings every Tuesday and then district lunch! It was fun! I am loving the food! Except this one thing, that I have no idea what it is called, but it is only the fat.. Like literally cooked fat! It is gross! The first time I ate it was this week and I gave it to Elder Peterson to eat because I couldn't handle it! I was finished eating after that! But in the culture here, you HAVE TO EAT EVERYTHING ON YOUR PLATE! HAVE TOO! So the give you a ton of food and you have to eat it all, and then when that's gone you HAVE TO get seconds! So they give you more and mo re food! They always want you to eat! So good thing we walk everywhere! (: Anyways, so Tuesday after district meeting we were out the rest of the day! We walked to one of the villages that is down by the beach and we visited the Andrew family.. They have no money.. They live in a tent! Its a husband, wife and their 5 kids! I died when I met them because they are probably the most humble people I have ever met! They are the sweetest and have the strongest testimonies ever! They can't get baptized because they aren't married because they can't afford it! It is the saddest thing ever! But, they are so determined! They come to church every week! They walk.. which is so far for them with their 5 kids! And one of them is only 6 months! But, we go and see them twice a week and bring the kids treats every time!(: After we visited them we went and saw a less active named Sister Lala! She is a lady who had a stroke so has a hard time! And her whole family is inactive and they argue and fight all the time! So she is having a hard time! But, we shared a really good lesson and both sister Lala and her husband stated crying! They came to the funeral on Saturday (I'll talk about that later!! , it was good for them to come to that! After that we went and visited another family.. the Pillay family! They are so fun and cute(: They fed us and their awesome! But after that we went home.. by that time it was 8 o'clock and we didn't get home until about 9! So more than half our days consist of walking!! Haha Oh and we do a lot of OYM to people walking on the streets! haha Its pretty fun.. haha(:
But this week has been good! I have learned so much from training! All of these programs that the church has made for missionaries are so awesome and so beneficial for us! They teach us a lot! Me and Sister Lavaka have been getting along so good! I am so blessed to have her! She takes such good care of me! And she is such a good missionary! She always tells me I am doing so good.. haha but I know that I am not perfect like she says! She says she thinks I am going to train after i am done with my training! So we will see what happens after 12 weeks!(:
So cool story, we went to visit a less active member! She is the only one is the family who is a member! So we went to visit her and her kids were there! They were asking us such good questions! And one of the little kids was asking like deep doctrine! Sister Lavaka was really good at answering them! She asked us both a question, where at 1st neither of us knew how to answer! But, after a second, I just started talking! She asked us who created God... That questions has never even popped in my head! I'd never really given much thought to it! But, when she asked, I just told her of the promise that Heavenly Father makes to us about how in this life, we aren't going to know everything! But, once we get to Heaven, Heavenly father promises us that we will have a perfect knowledge of things! She understood and then she asked another questions! but, that was such a cool experience for me because I just started talking without knowing what I was going to say, and I said it! It was so awesome!(:
The members here are so awesome! We had a funeral on Saturday we had to go too because he was in our ward and.. oh my goodness the funerals here are so different! Its so weird! haha But, their still good! There are so many people who come and there is so much food! haha And it was all really good food! Except for the fat part... haha(: 

 So they go all out for the funerals! So we meet at the chapel and have like a normal funeral service like we do in America, but then we all get on buses and go to the burial site and sit there for like 2 hours.. sing hymns, talk, people pray, and then we have the burial! everyone stands around and just watches them put him in the ground! And it is SO HOT! haha then we go back and eat and talk! then that night the family and close friends spend the night at the grave! They do something at the grave on the 10th day, the 25th day, 50th, and 100th day. Then year mark and so on.. but it was weird! just a whole different experience!

It rained this week and it was so cool! The sunsets are so awesome! Their so pretty! It is starting to become summer time here and you can feel it getting hotter and more humid! I sweat non stop it feels like! haha but, I am loving it!
Last week, I didn't think I was going to like it here or anything, but Nadi is becoming home! I am really loving it! I read D&C 84:88 every time I feel home sick! and that helps so much! Cea gave me so much good advice in her letter to me today! So i can't wait to use that this week!(:
This week has been so good! I feel like I have so much more to tell you but I can't think of anything! The kids here are still loving me! they follow us everywhere and they always want to touch my hair! It is so funny! I am loving it! I can't wait to see what happens this week!(: 

Each place is so all so different! They have houses that are really nice.. well not like America nice, but nice for here and then we have families like the Andrew family, who live in tents! But, everyone is so nice! they have this drink, called milo! It is hot chocolate.. haha it is like their tea here! So every time we go over they make us some and give us cookies! But when it is so hot outside and they make it for us we have to just chug it and then when we leave we chug our water! haha(: The villages are so different! the ones like sobeto is quite and jungly! just like i though Fiji was going to be like! Their all nice and the kids always run out to say hi to me(: then the ones down by the beach are just the same! but their not as nice! their the poorer ones because they go fishing in the ocean that's why they live so close! and the city i kinda boring and gross and dirty! It is so dusty! Oh when you send me a package, will you send me hand sanitizer! I have 2 but their going to be gone faster than I think! haha 
My flat is so nice compared to all of them! we have a 2 bedroom 2 bath.. but we have to sleep in the same room! but it is still nice! Then we have a kitchen and living room! It is fun! And really n ice! Our washing machine is outside and our clothes have to air dry! Haha so that is a new experience!
Well I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO SO SO MUCH! YOU GUYS ARE SO AMAZING AND I AM SO GLAD WE HAVE AN ETERNAL FAMILY THAT I CAN BE WIT FOREVER!(: Have such a good week! Mom give everyone hugs for me!!! I love you so much!
Au lomani vakalevu iko!
-Sister Rich

Sunday, September 15, 2013

This is a village called Lami! it is so pretty! 

The mission home!(:

All of group that came in! We were the biggest intake Fiji has ever had! I didn't think i'd miss them this much! But i do miss them everyday!! 

Sister Lavata'i and Sister Fanene! 

This is the bridge we take when we go to Sobeto! And the sister next to me is our ward missionary! Mila!(: She goes with us all 

Me and Sister Lavaka in Sobeto!(:

All the sisters at Stake Conference!(:

1st Week in Fiji

Well when my teachers told me that you would never be able to expect what Fiji is like, they were right! This has seriously been probably the hardest week of my mission adjusting and everything! But it has been the most AMAZING! I have learned so much and am so grateful to be here! Everyday gets easier! I got here 1 week ago and it has been a long week! After an flying from Salt Lake City, then a 7 hour lay over in LA then a 16 hour flight to Fiji,  We landed in Nadi at about 530 am Fiji time! And we were all exhausted! Then they made us get on this bus all the way to Suva, and it took 5 hours! It took forever!!! Haha But we all mostly slept or just looked out the window!  The island is Beautiful!  We followed a Road all the way around so we were on the Coast most of the time.  
When we finally made it to Suva all the missionaries serving in Suva were there to help us get all our luggage and take us to the mission home! It was so nice! Then we had lunch at the mission home and met the mission president and his wife! They are so awesome and I love them! They are so nice and remind me of grandma and grandpa! Their so funny!  We spent the evening with them getting all the things we needed to start and then right after I emailed you, we were assigned to a companionship serving somewhere in Suva and stayed with the sisters that night! I got assigned to stay with 2 sisters in a town called Samabula! Which is actually where the temple and mission home are! The sisters names were Sister Fanene and Sister Lavata'i! They were the nicest people ever and made us feel so welcomed and loved! We spent the next few days with them and went out and proselyted and then went to a members house for lesson and dinner and the people are amazing! It was so fun to stay with them! I LOVE Samabula! I miss it! On Thursday, we had orientation and then we got our assignments of our 1st area! I was assigned to Nadi! Which is the GHETTO!  The outskirts are picture perfect, but the inner city is pretty harsh.  Haha(: Oh man it has been so hard going from Samabula where it was perfect weather and so family oriented, to a place that is a little less desirable  and it's HOTTER than ever and humid!  And we walk everywhere! Imagine walking from downtown redlands to Yucaipa!! Thats how big our area is! Its crazy! But we have been busy! 
The 1st day here I actually got a little sick! Idk what it was but oh man my stomach was killing me! We figured it was just the food, so we went to our meetings and then just went back to the flat! Our flat is nice and actually kinda big!  It is definitely one of the nicer flats. So I am grateful for that!(:  But I am so grateful for everything we have at home and all that we have in America! Because things here are so different! It was a big eye opener to see how differnt countries are and how blessed we are! Not only our family, but our country! Its crazy!  Friday was better! I was still a little sick,  but my comapnion said it happens to everyone in their 1st area and I should adjust quickly.  So that is a good thing! She knows how i feel!(: Saturday we had a baptism interview with one of our investigators! His name is Hiro! He is Japanese and is so nice! he is awesome! He hardly speaks English, but he PASSED the baptism interview!!! YAY!(: Haha Hes awesome! Then we had stake conference in Lautoka, the next town over! So we took the bus over there! And had stake conference! President and Sister Klingler were there and when Sister Klingler came and gave me a hug, I just broke down crying! Haha she pulled me aside and talked to me and gave me good advice and then President talked to me and gave me this book that the church is going out with that is called "Adjusting to Missionary Life". It has helped so much and is such an amazing book! Then he gave me a blessing and it was so good! After conference and after my little break down haha we went to this village! It is called Sobeto! OH MY GOSH! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I LOVE IT! It is the best place, and everyone is so nice! They are all so fun and everyone says Bula or Tola! (Depending on what village you are in they have different customs, so we have to remember what they are saying and what we need to do to be allowed in their villages! Its kinda cool!!) Anyways, so we went and we taught 2 of our investigators and their both younger girls! Remind me of Carly so much! Which makes me miss her! So make sure you tell her that!(: Anyways I love that village! I told my companion we are going back alot! Haha(: 
Then Sunday, we had stake conference in Lautoka again and it was so good! Sister Fanene was there and she talked to me about alot and gave me really good advice about everything too! She has been Amazing! I miss her! but we are in the same stake and she is like a 3 hour bus ride away from me! haha she is serving in a town called Ba. So we will see her when she comes down for exchanges!!(: But anyways we have a member of the 70 there and he gave a really good talk and I loved it all! It was really good to hear all of it! Then we came home and just did our studies and we had a good night! Me and my companion are getting along really good!(: She is so fun and funny! And we work really good together! We have fun and she is good at keeping my mind focused on missionary work!(: So we are having fun! Her name is Sister Lavaka! She is awesome and I love her!(: Lets see what else... OH so we ride busses or the mini vans alot because our areas are so big and you guys would die! The busses have NO WINDOWS and their so ghetto! Haha Their so funny! I will take a picture this week and send you guys some next week!(: 
Anyways, I love you guys so much! You have no idea! 
Oh and my address is: 
Sister Courtney Rich 
Suva, Fiji Mission
GPO box 215 
Suva Fiji Island 

I hope all is good with you guys! I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned since i have been here! Make sure you guys are all getting along because we are so lucky to have this gospel and each other for eternity! Don't forget who you are and that Heavenly Father is always on your side(: D&C 84:88 has been my scripture this week! And will probably be my scripture for a while!(: Love you guys so so so much! You guys don't even know!!! Haha I miss you! Be safe and tell carly I love her and miss her too! 
Oh did you guys get my package? 
Au lomani vakalevu iko!♥ 
Sister Rich

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Safe Arrival.. WOW!!!

Hey!!(: This is going to be really short! But we have been here since 5 oclock this morning and we are just going and going and going! Haha but let me tell you.. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE! I have only been here one day, but it is amazing and I can't wait to get out and serve! We don't get our assignments until tomorrow, so we are staying at the mission presidents house tonight and then tomorrow we get to see the town!(: 
Love you guys so much! It was so good to talk to you and I can't wait until next week so I can email you guys everything with pictures! love you guys! Be safe and have fun!(: Talk to you next week!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saying Good Bye Is hard to do!!!

This isn't even half of the people that I wish were in it! But Most of these people have become like family! Saying goodbye is going to be so weird! haha

This is Sister Katoa! She is in the Tongan district going to Oakland Ca!(: She has become my bestfriend here! Their room was right next to mine, so I would go over there all the time! They were always the ones who took care of m! They were like my moms(: Even though we're all the same age! Haha she is going home for a while, but only because she broke her foot playing volleyball and she will be back out in 4 weeks(:

This is Sister Williams! She is the other Tongan sister but she is going to New Zealand(: She is the mom of everyone! She is 27 and I am going to miss her so much! She has also been my bestfriend here!

Elder Mulitalo! He has all sisters so he has treated me like a little sister! He reminded me so much of Joe! He has been so awesome having here at the mtc!(:

This is Sister Sotele! She is my homegirl!(: Haha she is going to Oakland ca Tongan speakign also! SShe is so sweet and has become my best friend also!
I am going to miss these girls so much! They have been such a blessing to me since I have been here! They have been there for me when I needed them and always helped me and encouraged me instead of putting me down! They are the ones who all want to move in together after our missions hahaah(: I love them!

These boys have been like brothers to me too! Elder Tu'akalau and Elder Vave! They tease me more than anyone ever! Good thing i've dealt with Russell my whole life(; haha

This is Elder Manu! Goign to Australia from Tonga! Okay let me tell you the back round story on him!! Haha so he is from Tonga and speaks hardly any English! He is HILARIOUS! We met when I was hanging out with the Tongan district and he always says "I stole his heart the first moment i seen you" Haha So hes really funny! So this is Elder Manu(:

This is just us being funny!(:
I can't believe how much I am going to miss these people! I wish you guys could've met them all! Its weird how we have only known eachother for 6 weeks and its going to be hard to say goodbye!
Our teacher said something last night while we were havign our testimony meeting, and he said the reason you get so close to people is because you have a hole from not having your family here and these people fill these holes! So you are basically leaving your family again! Which for me has been so true! I am going to miss them so much! And half of them, I might not get the chance to see again! But, I am so glad I got to meet them and have them be apart of my missionary family(:
I love you guys so so so much!You guys are so awesome for all that you guys do and all that you guys have done! I miss you guys so much! I can't wait to talk to you guys tonight! Make sure everyone is there so i can say hi to everyone!(: Love you so much! Talk to you tonight!!
Au lomani vakalevu iko!
-Sister Rich

Friday, September 6, 2013


Everything is fine with the Bug Bite, Got a quick Email that said she will be heading to Fiji in the morning.  Can't wait to talk to her when she has her layover at LAX!!  I want to just run down there and hang out in the airport for a while!!

Last Letter from the MTC

Only 3 days? And today is a Pday, so that doesn't even count! Its going to go by so fast! I ca

n't believe how fast this week went by! Its been such an emotional week! But, such a good weeks! Its also been such a exhausting week, spiritually, mentally and physically!
So i'll start with the story that I know you're all going to want to hear.. Haha! I had to go to the doctors again and get more meds.. But not for the same things! Let me tell you the story before you get all worried! Okay so Monday morning I woke up with a bug bite that didn't hurt at all.. but it was really red.. haha I just thought it happened like it.. But, then on tuesday morning I woke up and it was HUGE! Like covered half my calf.. and it was hard and my leg and foot was super swollen! so it kinda hurt pretty bad.. But anyways, I wasn't sure what to do because the health clinic didn't open until 8 and I had class at 730.. so i went to class with my calf the size of a hot air balloon and taught a lesson (in pain) and stayed for more than half the class (in pain). But then my teacher told me to finally go because he said I needed to get it checked out! SO... me and my companions made a trek with my monster leg.. we get to the health clinic (here on campus) and I didn't want to wait to see a dr. so I just told them I wanted to see a nurse to see if it was anything i needed to be worried about! And of course, she kinda freaked out.. okay she really freaked out and made the doctor come in and look at it... Side story: While she is freaking out, can you just imagine what I am thinking.. "Oh my gosh their going to have to cut off my leg?" "Oh my gosh i'm not going to be able to go to Fiji".. All these bad things and I started freaking out!) Then while the doctors were looking at it and trying to figure it out, they were talking and saying all this scary stuff, and knowing Courtney, my cooping mechanism is laughing and trying to make a joke out of things.. so I awkwardly asked them if i was going to turn into the Hulk or spiderman! Haha they all stopped what they were doing and just started dying laughing! But then the doctors didn't know how to tell me that they didn't know what it was so it got really awkward and they had to prescribe me 2 antibiotics or something! Anyways, so then we went to lunch (with my leg the size of the hulk by now) we sat by the tongan sisters because one of them broke their leg and so we we walking all crippled together! Then before we went into the lunch room we saw out branch president who was talking to us (Sister Katoa and I) telling us all these scary stories that he might be seeing us on sunday and we might have to stay.. so now i'm freaking out! Because as much as I love the MTC.. I want to get to Fiji! So I stayed with Sister Katoa and her 2 companions, (sister sotelle and sister williams) went to go gwet my meds! Oh yea, because the doctor told me stay off it and keep it elevated!! Haha yea right.. haha anyways, so I had to go to their class because they were teaching and their going to Oakland ca, and New Zealand Tongan speaking! So that was interesting teaching a lesson with her! haha(: But I got my meds and everything is fine! My leg was still swollen yesterday but now everything is fine! Just barely swollen! Now its like the size of a water balloon.. well a big water balloon! (Oh other side story: So one of the elders in my zone got sent water balloons so he thought he would prank the other elders in the bathroom and throw them at them while their in the shower and so he thought he was all funny and threw them at the elders and none of them popped! So they all chased him and threw them back but the bathroom has hard tile which is slippery when wet and one of them popped and the elder who thought it was funny slipped on it and fell and hurt his knee!!! HAHAHA) So we have a girl who broke her leg playing volleyball, a girl who is turning into the hulk, and an elder who is on crutches! haha) Anyways, I have a doctors apt tomorrow and everything should be good(: Don't worry, i'm not turning into the hulk either!(:
Lets see what else exciting happened this week.. haha nop apostle talking this week.. so that was boring.. but we did have fun sitting in the handicap section of the marriot center! haha Grandma fixed my backpack tht was so so nice! Thank you so much!
OH! We sang in church this Sunday and literally everyone was crying! All the members of the presidency and all the missionaries! I was so proud that I held it together(: But it was so pretty! They branch president made us sing it again so he could record it! But it was so good!
As the days get closer and closer to us leaving it doesn't feel like it is really happening! Its weird how I wanted to leave so bad, but now I'm terrified to leave! My teacher told us this story about how for the 1st 3 months, he was crying every night, his companion didn't speak english and no one could understand him at all.. so he was so homesick, didn't have a friend and couldn't talk.. so one night (well for multiple night after this) he talked to a cockroach... So it is my goal not to talk to a cockroach!! Haha that is seriously my goal, not to be so alone that I have to resort to talking to a cockroach! I think i'd cry! Haha!
Nothing else has really happened this week! I havent started packing yet.. you know me! But, I know i am going to have to start.. like today! Haha(:
It sounds like things are going so good at home! Sounds like you had a good weekend in pismo! I would've loved going and relaxing!! Jess sounds like she had such a good week! i could feel her so close to me and I wish I could've "accidentally" ran into her! Haha(: But i'm glad she had such a good week! Love her and miss her so much!
I love you all so much! Sorry this letter is boring but its exciting because this is my last pday in the MTC!(: Haha woohoo! It still hasn't really hit me that i am going to be in Fiji soon.. SO WEIRD! FIJI... Anyways, i love you guys so much! The next email you will get will be from my 1st week in FIJI!!(: I love you all! Can't wait to talk to you guys either! it will probably about 6! So have your phone on loud so you answer!!!(: Haha!
Au lomani iko matavuvale!
You guys are awesome! Keep working hard and being the best person you can be!(: Talk to you in Fiji!(:

This is all the people going to Fiji

We get to do Service every MOnday and we got to be Ghost Busters this week!  

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