Monday, November 25, 2013

I Love Service when its AT THE BEACH!!!

This picture doesn't do justice to how hard it was raining! haha But this is Monday's Pday!

Tuesday after our District Meeting!(:

This is our investigator Bobo and her sisters and cousins! haha(: after she passed her interview! WOOHOO!!(:

One of our investogators named their puppies after me and Elder Nemrow!(: hahaha

Thursdays service!(:

Have you ever tried to pull a cow? Well their really heavy! But i still did it! haha(; 

This little girl reminds me of Emma SO MUCH! She is 6 years old and probably the cutest but biggest pain in the butt ever(; haha I love her! 

Merry christmas from Fiji! haha(:

I love Service when it's at THE BEACH!!!

Oi Lei!!!(: 
This week went by so fast! We were super busy and we will be super busy this week too! This past week was so good! We were constantly doing things and always visiting people! haha(: !So, I will tell you about all the exciting things we did!
So on Thursdays we usually have service. This Thursday, we didn't have anyone to go and do service for because it got cancelled! So we called the Elders and asked if they had service and we would just go with them, but they didn't! So we decided to walk down to the beach and pick up trash! Hahaha which, we did pick up trash... but we also spent time taking pictures and enjoying ourselves! haha(: We had a lot of fun and maybe might be the best service yet!(:
Almost every night this week, we had lightening and thunder storms! Oh man... SO SCARY! The lightening is HUGE and so close you can feel it, and the thunder is LOUD! Everyone says this is signs that a cyclone will be coming soon! So.. i am just so excited for that... NOT! haha But it was funny, one night me and Sister lavaka woke up because the lightening was so bright and thunder was so loud! We just sat there for like an hour talking at like 3 oclock in the morning because there was no way we could go back to sleep with it being so loud! but the funny part is that we would be talking to each other, and then as soon as the lightening and thunder would start we would both just stop talking and then when it stopped we would start talking again! Haha we didn't realize we were doing it until later, but we were laughing at ourselves the next day!(: 

Oh on Monday when we went to play volley ball, it started RAINING! It was raining so hard! We like could barely see! but we kept playing! haha it was so fun, but then after we were freezing! haha(: 

Tuesday, we had district meetings and we went to McDonalds! We finally had our new district and everyone was here! Then we had transfers... haha me and Sister lavaka didn't get transferred but two of the elders did.. haha we were sad because one of the guys who just came had to leave! But, it was okay! We had fun while he was here and celebrated him coming and leaving at Mamas pizza! haha(: So we had mamas pizza and Mcdonals all in one week!(: Big Deal here!

PERTAINING TO MISSIONARY WORK... haha which is the mian reason I am here.. haha 

We had 2 of our investigators pass their baptism interview!(: YAY!!! We were so excited! Liti and Bobo! We love them and we are so so so excited for them! Their baptism will be on Thursday because that is Bobos birthday!(: We are so excited for their baptism! I feel like this is my 1st actual baptism because I started teaching them and I will finish teaching them!(: 
Also we had ALOT of our less active come to church this week! Almost all that we go and visit regularly came! Sister Lala, Sister Tirikula and Masi!(: That made us very excited!
Okay so another cool thing! We were talking to Sister Mataitoga last night when we were walking home from dinner and she started telling me and sister Lavaka how last year all she wanted for christmas was for her kids (Mila, who is our ward missionary, and Masi, who has been coming to church every Sunday the last month!!) to come to church! And how we were the answer to her prayers! Even if it is a year late, it still happened! It is the best christmas present she could ask for! Me and Sister Lavaka felt so good! She told us, missionaries have always come over and no one has ever been able to get her kids to c ome to church.. but somehow me and Sister Lavaka did! It was definitely one of those missionary moments where ou realize that that is why you are here and Heavenly Father really does call you to a specific place for a specific reason! I love that family so much! They have become our family away from family! We always go there when we need something or when we just need a break! And even though they don't have any money, they still always feed us and help us in any way they can! She said she loves us so much and she looks at us like her children!! It was so awesome!(:
Being a missionary is amazing! Of course I miss you guys, but its already been 3 months in Fiji! Can you believe that! I can't! Haha(: I love you guys so so so much! Sorry this letter is totally scatter brained! Haha But i guess it is like I'm there telling a story!(: Haha 

LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH! Kepp doign what you are doing and keep feeding the missionaries!(: haha Who are the missionaries there? They better be working hard !(:
xoxo from Fiji!(:
-Sister Rich
p.s. I took ALOT of pictures this week! So more to come!(:

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Week in Paradise Pictures

Lolo buns! HEAVEN! They're buns cooked in coconut milk!(:

Our district(: 

Our district again! The night before Maiwiriwiri left! plus a few other people! haha(:

It has been SUPER hot this week, if you cant tell by how red my face is! But, our district leader, Elder Maiwiriwiri left this morning for PNG! He is going to serve there, but he didn't have his visa until just this weekend! haha(: Sad to say bye

Another Week in Paradise

Another week down(: We had such a good week and we actually had a lot of fun! We stayed really busy and I am so exhausted! But I don't think I am ever going to stop being tired! haha(: So this week.. 1st off, sorry I didn't send pictures last week.. the internet shop we are at isn't allowing us to upload pictures.. so I'm sorry! We will go to another internet shop next week so I can send pictures!  So Monday all the new Elders came from the transfers! It was fun and kinda sad that we had to say bye to some of them! Its so fun making new friends and especially when you are in the same district, the Elders really take care of me and Sister Lavaka! So it was sad saying bye to them! But, the new elders are stake missionaries, so we will have them here until the new intake comes! I guess the new intake didn't get their workers permits, so they are still in the US. But now they will come in December! But, it will be good! Me and Sister Lavaka had a little scare this week with transfers! Our District leader called us and said we had transfers! We were at the Mataitogas house, so we put it on speaker and everyone was silent listening to the transfer.. we sat there while he read through everyones new areas.. then he goes, Sister Lavaka.. and I swear I thought I was going to have a heart attack!! hahaha I was so scared we were going to get transferred! Haha! then he says "Sister Rich is going to kill you in Nadi!" Haha everyone starts screaming and we were so excited! Haha all the kids from Navoci were jumping up and down! It was so funny!(: 
Mom, I learned how to make lolo buns! Oh my goodness! Seriously heaven! I am in love with them! They're so good! And there is this other thing they make here... its called ice pops.. they're like a milk popsicle! Their SOO good! I am still learning how to make curry and Roti! But I am almost there(: Haha the cooking is my favorite part! 

So one of our investigators, Bobo, her dad is in th hospital.. I guess a lot of people do black magic here.... scary! But anyways, they think someone did black magic no him, because the doctors don't know what is wrong with him and I guess it is just really bad! So yesterday we went with her to the hospital to see him and take him food with Bobo and oh my goodness.. it was so sad! The hospitals here are scary! I can't believe it! I hope I never get sick! But when we saw her dad, me, Sister Lavaka, Mila, Pau and Seru just all started crying! It was so sad! He asked us to say a prayer with him, so we did and it was amazing how much you care for people even when you have no idea who they are! Being a missionary is amazing! I am loving being here in Fiji! And I am LOVING the people more and more each day! I love them like I love you guys! After we left and we went outside and sat on the grass and shared a little message with Bobo.. She told me she isn't worried because she knows her dad will go to a good place and she will be able to see him again! It was one of those moments where I realized how amazing this gospel is and how amazing it is to be a missionary! Before we taught Bobo, she didn't really have any religious background.. but hearing her say that just made me realize that that is why I am here! I helped her realize how amazing this gospel is and how true it is! Because I know without a doubt that this gospel is true!(: Anyways.. that was my spiritual experience!!(: Haha 

As for you guys, it sounds like you guys had a busy week with Christmas decorations! I am so jealous! haha no one really decorates for christmas here! Oh and GUESS WHAT.... I had a ring worm on my arm.... hahah but don't worry, its gone and I got medicine for it! haha but oi lei! I was freaking out a little bit! haha(: Oh and our baptisms, are next week! We had to postpone on of them but we are so excited about them! And we have a new investigators! SO YAY!(: I love her! She is amazing!(: Sister Lala is doing good! She still can hardly walk but she is walking around! We are going over tomorrow for dinner and a FHE... her sons idea! So good sign!(: Tell carly to keep playing piano! I wish I could play piano SO SO SO bad!!! So keep going! haha(: 

Well i love you guys so much! I have the best family in the whole entire world!(: I am loving Fiji, I am loving the people, I am loving the gospel, and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I can't even tell you how much i love this gospel(: Oh and only a few weeks until I get to talk to you guys and skype! LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH!(: 

loloma levu! 
-Sister Rich

p.s. oh mom! Bishops wife said that you should add her on facebook because she has posted pictures on her page! Her name is Nia Kaumaitotoya.. So add her and there are some pictures of me and Sister Lavaka! She also said, if I am still here on Christmas, I can skype from her house!(: Haha love you! Give hughs to everyone!!!(

Monday, November 11, 2013

Building my Volleyball and teaching skill.. Im getting Pro!!

Bula Vinaka! 
Well, After Dawali last week, This week wasn't THAT interesting here in Fiji! But it is always busy as a missionary!(: But 1st off, yes me and Sister Lavaka are still together! Transfers didn't happen because the group that was supposed to be coming from Provo didn't get their work permits, so they aren't coming this week! Haha So we have a few more weeks together until the next transfer!(: YAY!!! 

Monday after we emailed we went to the chapel for volleyball like we always do but they were having a YSA activity! So there were so many people there and so we stayed! We just visited and hung out and it was a great activity for them! Then we had a huge lunch with them and it was SO good!(: Oh and i am becoming pro at volleyball! HAHAHA just kidding! Not even close!! Then we went to a FHE dinner and that was fun! 
Then on Tuesday we went to Lautoka for our Zone training! I LOVE training! They called it "speed teaching" Haha we got in 2 rows and then we had 2 minutes to teach a lesson! Then we switched! Haha It  made you really think about what was important to teach and how well you know the lessons!! It was so good and actually really helpful!! 
We went on our 1st splits! haha Me and Sister Lavaka went with Mila and a returned missionary! I went with Mila to Sobeto and Sis L went to Navokai! It was weird at 1st teaching without her, but it was a good experience at the same time because I had to take the lead and actually do all the work! 

We also had a missionary fireside yesterday! It was SO good! We had Recent converts bare their testimonies! They were so touching and the faith these members have here is just amazing! What they go through and what they face is so much more than I have ever had to face in my life! I kinda had a moment this week where I had to completely rely on my Heavenly Father! It really made me realize that he is so close to me and is always close! Sometimes he is the only one who is there for you and I have really learned that since i've been here! Since I don't have you or dad! He really is our best friend and literally our father! I never really realized that until now and I am glad I finally realized it! I know it's a basic concept, but sometimes things you know your whole life, all of a sudden become somethings you feel and know deep down...  Haha
But after that spiritual growing moment, we had lessons to teach! So we go out and teach! We have 2 baptisms coming up! Next week is their interviews and then the 28th is their baptism! One is Bobo who is a 16 year old girl!(: And then Liti! She is 10 and so cute! their both really shy, but they are both amazing and have strong testimonies! They will be the 1st members of the family! So we will have to keep them strong in their church attendance, so they are always coming! We also had one of our less actives come to church yesterday! It is Milas older brother, who reminds me of Jess so much! So of course we tried really hard to get him to come to church! Yesterday morning we literally had to go with the elders and PULL him out f bed! haha He was kinda grumpy and mad at 1st but the elders were so insistent and he came! Then Sister Mataitoga came up to me and Sister Lavaka with tears in her eyes and said thank you for bringing my family back together! Me and sister lavaka just looked at eachother and started crying with her! Totally made me miss you guys! 
So this week was super good but nothing big happened! We didn't reaklly have anything exciting happen! But it sounds like you guys did have such a fun week! I am a little jealous Carly got to go to Glamis with Shar and Jay! I bet she just had so much fun!(: And mom it sounds like you had a crazy fun week getting Christmas stuff out(: I am going to miss seeing Christmas lights and Christmas trees! Everyone said this place doesn't celebrate chistmas that much! So... that kinda sucks! But I get to talk to you guys so that is all that matters!!(: 
I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO SO MUCH! DON'T EVER FORGET THAT!! Oh and since Thanksgiving is coming up, eat ALOT of funeral potatoes for me! I miss them so so so much! Oh and mom! Can you send me Gmas address and Shar and Jays address(: Vinaka! 
Oh and you guys could send me both please! The fuzzies and the CTR rings! I want to give the CTR rings out to the people we baptize!!(: But the fuzzies will be so awesome for the kids!!(: They'll love it! 
Au lomani iko! 
-Sister Courtney Rich

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Happy Diwali Pictures

Happy Diwali!(: One of the Sarees our inestestigator made us try on!(:

Saree #2(: Haha Sister Lala said that we could have them so we said before we get transferred we will come and pick one to take(: Haha The little boy is shail! He is sister Lalas grandson!(: 

One of the houses on our street!(: Happy DiwalI! haha(:

Oh yea.. it rained this week and there was a double rainbow! But i couldn't get both in one picture and they were full rainbows! They were so cool(:

Happy Diwali

HAPPY DIWALI from Fiji(: Man this week was so crazy! Diwali is HUGE! I guess it is bigger than any other holiday here! There are fireworks and music coming from every house and people wearing sarees, which i got to try on about 5!(; But oh man, SO MANY SWEETS! And indian sweets are different.. they're kinda gross!! Haha. The only things I like are these deep fried things that taste like donuts! HAHA! I don't know what they are called but they are delicious!! When we were proselyting and walking through Nawaka, people would just tell us to come in and have sweets!! So we got fed so many sweets yesterday! Even though it was fast sunday.. you can't say no.. or they take it offensively! So we have to go in and sit, talk, and eat! We have so many sweets at our house, everyone packed some for us to take home! So we just decided to give them to our land lady! Me and one of the RM's in our ward, she goes out proselyting with us and there is one sweet that we both love! It is like a coconut toffee thingy! IT IS AMAZING! But, no one gave it to us! So Sister Seru and I would just walk up to the Indian houses and start talking to everyone then they ask us if we want sweets, and of course because I am palagi, they give us ALOT! But they would give us all the gross stuff, so we have SO MANY packages of all the stuff we dont want to eat! Its funny because all the Fijians know that the Indians just invite people in so they walk around untuil someone invites them in for the sweets! Haha(: Another great thing about Diwali , is the festival of lights! Oh man there were Christmas lights and candles at like every house! It made me excited for Christmas lights! Haha! Seriously, Diwali felt like Christmas, Halloween, Valentines Day, 4th of July all in one day! But it was so fun! It was definitely a different kind of holiday experience. (:
We also got to go down to Suva this week! We had Sister training! It was so good! We got to go down and stay there and see all the sisters from where they are serving! Sister Klingler, (mission Presidents wife) talked and then our Sister Training Leaders! Then we had a role play and Sister Lavaka and I got asked to do it! Man everyone was laughing at us because we were trying not to be funny. We were laughing! Oh then since no where in Fiji has air conditioning that we are all at, we were sitting in the presidents house and listening but it was FREEZING because of the air conditioning! We were all so cold! We definitely weren't use to that! Haha(: The training was good! It definitely made me love Nadi though! I am so glad I am here and not over in the humid, rain all the time! Even though it has been raining here alot! haha(:
So cool story! We were in a store called Rups, its like a grocery/clothing/everything store.. but it is so small and kinda dirty.. but they have really good walking shoes that can get muddy! Sister Lavaka needs some more so we went in and looked! Since it was Diwali they were having a huge sale and there were so many people in there! But I started tlking to this worker about Diwali and then of course because of the name tag, she asked me what I am doing here and we started talking about why I am here and she was so interested! I gave her a restoration pamphlet and she got our number! Then when Sister lavaka was done buying her shoes she came over and we got a new investigator! We were so happy! 1st new investigator since we have been companions! We get to go and see her this week! So excited! Then the next day, we have been trying to get our members to give us referrals, and one lady, Sister Ako, gave us one! But they are both so busy we never had a chance to go see her! but this week we got to go and see her and talk to her and see if she would be interested! I was giving the over view of what we do as missionaries and we gave her the DVD Together Forever and we were talking about how our main purpose here is to help families be together forever.. then me and Sister Lavaka both kinda paused, and Jakopeci ( thats the lady we were visiting) just started crying! We sat there for a second but we just kept talking about Families! When we were done, she said THAT is what she has been needing to hear from someone! She already knows this gospel is true and we are going to go and see her this week too!!(: SO 2 NEW INVESTIGATORS IN 1 WEEK!!! WOOHOOO!! Me and Sister Lavaka celebrated in our apartment that night after we got dropped off by the Taxi! haha(: Which included jumping, screaming, and a little bit of dancing..(: haha! But we were seriously so happy!
But enough about me! it sounds like you guys had such a fun Halloween! I missed you guys so much and thought about you guys on Halloween! I was thinking about you guys literally all week! And oh my goodness!! Carly looks so grown up! Tell her to stop growing up! But she looks SO BEAUTIFUL! Sister Lavaka said she looks just like me! Haha! Oh man I miss you guys! Mom you look so skinny in the Halloween Picture!(: I can't wait for these next 2 holidays! If I stay in Nadi through these next transfers, I already have an american family that invited us over for Thanksgiving(: haha And then Christmas and I get to talk to you guys! So of course I am soooo excited for that!
I seriously love you guys so much! You guys are so amazing and just like you said mom, this gospel is true and this church is true! I love those moments where you actually realize it, instead of just saying it! My favorite part of giving lessons is bearing my testimony! because I feel like everytime I do, I surprise myself what I actually do believe in! And I feel like that is where I learn a lot about myself! I can't even begin to tell you guys how much I know this church is true! Being a missionary is seriously the HARDEST thing I have ever done, but it has been the most spiritual and beneficial thing I have ever done! And I am so grateful I chose to be here! You guys are so amazing for giving me the chance to be here and for all that you guys have sacraficed for me to be here! You guys are as much a part of this and it is as hard for you guys, as it is for me! You guys are constantly in my prayers! I am glad you guys are having so much fun! Keep being you and keep working so hard in this gospel(:
Au lomani vakalevu iko!!!
loloma levu tale mai Fiji!
-Sister Rich
P.S. About the Christmas thing.. ANYTHING these kids will love! I will see with some of the kids this week what they could get as a little present and see what i can find out(: You guys are awesome for thinking about that!(: Love you!!(:
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