Sunday, October 19, 2014


It feels like weeks just get shorter and shorter!! This week was one of those weeks, where it feel like I was just emailing you guys like 2 days ago!!!(: haha! But, it is a good thing when weeks go by fast right?!(: That means not only were we busy, but we were having fun!! SO TRUE!!! 

I will start with the obvious, I GOT TO WATCH CONFERENCE!!!(: It was just as awesome as all of you said! There was so much I got out of it, I was taking notes like no other. I just keep going over them and studying them. I can't wait for it to come out in the Liahona so i can read it over and over and over again!!!(: 

But let me tell you the WHOLE story.. 

So Sunday morning we go to the chapel to watch and the power is off... We were all so bumbed!! I wanted to watch conference!! So one of the Elders called the Zone Leaders and they said we coudl go to another chapel to watch it. So we go. but there is no bus that goes to that chapel... So me and my awesome district took the hour walk, 1 1/2 mile uphill walk, to the chapel. At that moment, I realized how lucky we are to have transportation available to us. And I gained a lot of respect for the members who walk to church every Sunday. Because that was not an easy walk. but it was fun!(: 
So my Sunday started off learning new things and I just keep learning from the talks.. My favorite was the talk from Jorg Klebingat.. I think.. haha! But he talked about being ready to stand in front of Heavenly Father and the 6 things we need to do to be ready to stand before Heavenly Father. My favorite part was the end of his talk when he talked about the sister who he had interviewed said she blamed herself before anyone else could.. then this is what he said "...acknowledge and face your weaknesses, but don't be immobilized by them, because some of them will be with you until you leave this life. No matter what your current status, the very moment you voluntarily choose honest, joyful, daily repentance by striving to simply do and be your very best, the saviors atonement envelops and follows you, as it were, wherever you go. Living in this manner, you can truly always "retain a remission of your sins" every hour or every day, every second or every minute, and thus be fully clean and acceptable before God ALL THE TIME."That was seriously the perfect thing for me to hear. I loved it! We all have weaknesses, and I am definitely full of them. but don't swell on the bad... try and overcome them, but still be proud of who you are what you CAN do perfectly. And of course, the Atonement, which has played such a big role lately, will be able to help me feel that acceptance ALL THE TIME!!!(: Conference was AWESOME. 

Lets see what else happened this week. Ohh.. real quick, so we had transfers this week. And this will be a shock to you!! NOTHING HAPPENED!!(: haha! Neither me or Sister Alaga are getting transferred! That is the 1st time that has happened since I left Nadi! It is a good feeling just being in one area and with one person again! I am so happy I get 6 more weeks to be with Sister Alaga!(: 

We had the baptism of the beautiful Slayawa Matai!(: She looked so beautiful as she was dressed in white! And when she got up to bear her testimony that evening, the spirit came and just hit everyone like a ton of bricks! When she bore her testimony, she talked about how her whole family joined the church and kept sharig the gospel with her, but she didn't want to join because she didn't believe in the Book of Mormon. She has gone through elders and sisters for about 2 years. And she said that everytime they talked about the Book of Mormon, she lost interest. Until one day when the sisters came over.. we invited her to read it. Its funny because I remember that lesson, we told her that we can tell her it is true all we want, but until she actually opens it and reads it she won't know for herself. and she said as soon as she read it she knew it was true. It was one of the strongest testimonies I have ever hear. because of conference she hasn't been confirmed this week. but next week, we are looking forward to that(: 

We also had a really good lesson with one of our less actives this week. We go over and things are really awkward. We ask how everyone is and the dad said I'm sick. And we asked him what his sickness is and he said "headache from these people.." haha me and Sister Alaga look at eachother and we knew at that moment that the lesson we prepared was perfect.. We were sharing Lesson 3. the 5 steps in the gospel. Vakabauta, veivutuni, papitaiso, ciqoma na isolisoli ni yalo tabu, ka vosota ka yacova ivakatiotioti.
The lesson was seriously so strong when we talked about repentance, and baptism. We talked a lot about of the things they felt at baptism, and how they can have that in their home. By the end they all were very happy and seemed like we left them on a good note, and as President Monson said at the end of conference "with resolve to be a little better than before". Brother Kapuati shared an awesome testimony with us about how he loves his family so much and that is why he knows this church is true. Because the change it makes in his family. It was such an awesome lesson(: 

Other than that we were looking forward with an eye of excitment to this week because DIWALI!!!!! We are so excited, be prepared next week for pictures of SHAREES!!!(: Anyways, I love you guys so so so much! you are so awesome and I hope you all have an awesome Diwali this week!(: 

Sister Rich

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