Sunday, November 9, 2014

The Sun is Shining! The Birds are singing!

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the work is awesome!(: 
This week was an awesome week. We were constantly going and seeing people. It was awesome. I loved it. it was raining some of the week, but once the sun came out it was so pretty. It made me realize how mu ch I LOVE FIJI. Today when we were riding the bus, i turned to Sister Alaga and said, "isn't it weird that one day we won't be in Fiji anymore?!" Then we had a whole conversation about how lucky we are to be here. Which is so true. I am the luckiest person in the world. I am in Fiji, serving Heavenly Father, and serving his most loving and caring people ever! I AM THE LUCKIEST MISSIONARY EVER!! 

And to make me even more lucky the work is going awesome right now!(: This week we had the funniest things happen to us. We were able to pick up 2 new investigators. One from a part member family, who we have been trying to get since I came to Makoi. And the other is a referral from bishop. All her kids have been blessed in the church, but they don't go to church. So we contacted her and she was more than happy to let us come over and share the gospel with her again. Heavenly Father is awesome.(: 

So one night we got a call from a guy we didn't know. He said one for the previous missionaries had given him a pamphlet and all that stuff, and he wanted us to come and share more about the church. me and Sister Alaga were a little hesitant at 1st, just because it was a random guy we didn't know. So we invited 2 members to come with us. As we got there we were all a little scared and didn't know what to expect. But we walked with faith, not by sight.(; haha And the lesson turned out WAY GOOD! He turns out to be Hindi! So he has no knowledge about Heavenly father or Jesus Christ. We basically had to just explain what WE do as missionaries and then he started asking some questions about what we believed. We explained some things very simply. And what I have learned from these Hindu people is they have the best questions. They really ask the questions of the soul. Which makes it so easy to share the gospel and have the spirit there. Even though he didn't invite us back and said he will call us when he wants us to come over again. I think it was my favorite lesson this week.(: He will always remember the mormon missionaries who were able to tell him that he is a Son of our Father in Heaven. 

We also had a cool lesson with our less active family we have been working with. They have a Word of Wisdom problem. So me and Sister Alaga have been prayerfully trying to decide how to approach it. We were clueless the 1st few weeks. But this week we both decided we needed to address it. And so we went for it. And let me just tell you, that was the best lesson about the Word of Wisdom EVER! We were able to commit both of them to stop drinking and smoking. We are going over there tonight to have Family Home Evening with them, and I am so excited to see what has happened since we saw them last!(: 

Other little things that happened this week... yesterday I was doing the dishes and i went to go and put the plates away and Sister Alaga was in the room. I open the cupboard and there was... A DEAD MOUSE!!! I was able to control; myself after tripping over the tape that was on the floor.. haha but atleast it was dead.. then I waited for sister alaga to come out and I told her to open the cupboard and i was dying laughing...(: I am the best companion! haha! We  had a little funeral and all(: 
So we heard of the AWESOME lesson to have with people. So we decided to do it yesterday...(: We put flour in a container and put 1 piece of candy in it.. then we told them they had to find the "prize inside" but they couldn't use their hands or feet. they had to use their face. I hadf to record it because it was so funny. we were dying laughing. Then we shared the lesson about the Holy Ghost. The kids loved it and the parents were dying laughing. After the youngest daughter, tawamua, was crying because she was scared.. then she wouldn't touch the flour after that! It was so much fun!(: 
and last thing... So i don't know if I have talked about Ipa before. But she is this young women, who since I got here has been like my bestfriend! haha! We always have so much fun! She reminds me of Mila.. So i love her. She is only 15 but she is like my bestfriend. Anyways, she is going back to Rabi.. her island.. and wont be coming back until after I leave! I was so sad when she told me! So no more Ipa! Makoi is going to be sad without her! haha(: But i'll see her again one day!(: 

Anyways, thats it for this week(: It was such a good week! The best thing in this world is being a missionary. How lucky am I to be able to be in FIJI!!! FIJI!! haha(: I love this place so much!!! tr really is home(: 
I LOVE YOU GUYS!! I am trying to send pictures... Sorry no pictures lately! Computer problems... haha(: 
Sista Rich 

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