Sunday, December 28, 2014

Merry Christmas

It feels like there isn't anything to tell you because we talked about it all on Christmas! Which was AWESOME. I can't even begin to tell you guys how awesome you are and how much i love each of you! It was so fun to see all your smiling faces, and made me super excited to come home!(: 2 1/2 weeks! AHH!!!(:

This week was way good though! Christmas was fun! We went to members, less actives, and non-members. It was interesting to see the different way each celebrate Christmas. It was a good Christmas gift because it showed me how grateful I am for my family and what I want my family to be in the future! It was an awesome Christmas.. And very interesting. But I am grateful the Lord has funny ways of showing things to us! haha!

NICHOLAS GOT B APTIZED! It was an awesome baptism. 1st of all he almost gave me a heart attack! we lost our phone last week and haven't gotten a new one yet! So we went to the baptism praying that he would come. We get to the chapel at 10:45 the baptism was at 11... so we wait.. 11.. not there. 1115... not there.. 1130.. not there... after have a freak out.. at 1145, he came! And it turned out to be an awesome service. When he shared his testimony he was talking about all of his doubts he had, and then before he could even ask us, we would answer them. Missionary power. He talked about how he still h ad doubts, and when he prayed about them, that all went away! It was awesome, and of course had me in tears b y the end!(:

Sunday we had 2 farewells... and elder who will be serving in Fiji and a sister who is going to Marshall islands. The sister her name is Janet.. haha! She has been someone who has gone with us ALOT! She has taught me ALOT! She has kinda been like a big sister to me! I am going to miss her a lot! But as they shared their testimonies, it reminded me of when I started my mission. Almost a year and a half ago! haha... But, it made me realize how awesome this has all been. I am not going to get all sad and stuff, I'll save that for my last email, but I will say, as I look back, this has been the most amazing thing I have ever ever done in my life. And I am so beyond grateful for it! It has been a blessing because I have seen so many blessings! Heavenly Father is real and does love each and every one of us. And as I come to my last 2 weeks.... I am going to make sure everyone knows that!(:

I love you all so so so much! Thanks for being an awesome family who raised me in this wonderful gospel. I can't even tell you how much blessings have come to all of us because of it! Heavenly Father loves us! And i know he loves you! So as you start this New Year, don't forget that! Have fun, be you and do all you can to be just a little better! Because thats all He asks of us! Talk to you all in 2015!(; haha!

Sister Rich

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