Monday, November 11, 2013

Building my Volleyball and teaching skill.. Im getting Pro!!

Bula Vinaka! 
Well, After Dawali last week, This week wasn't THAT interesting here in Fiji! But it is always busy as a missionary!(: But 1st off, yes me and Sister Lavaka are still together! Transfers didn't happen because the group that was supposed to be coming from Provo didn't get their work permits, so they aren't coming this week! Haha So we have a few more weeks together until the next transfer!(: YAY!!! 

Monday after we emailed we went to the chapel for volleyball like we always do but they were having a YSA activity! So there were so many people there and so we stayed! We just visited and hung out and it was a great activity for them! Then we had a huge lunch with them and it was SO good!(: Oh and i am becoming pro at volleyball! HAHAHA just kidding! Not even close!! Then we went to a FHE dinner and that was fun! 
Then on Tuesday we went to Lautoka for our Zone training! I LOVE training! They called it "speed teaching" Haha we got in 2 rows and then we had 2 minutes to teach a lesson! Then we switched! Haha It  made you really think about what was important to teach and how well you know the lessons!! It was so good and actually really helpful!! 
We went on our 1st splits! haha Me and Sister Lavaka went with Mila and a returned missionary! I went with Mila to Sobeto and Sis L went to Navokai! It was weird at 1st teaching without her, but it was a good experience at the same time because I had to take the lead and actually do all the work! 

We also had a missionary fireside yesterday! It was SO good! We had Recent converts bare their testimonies! They were so touching and the faith these members have here is just amazing! What they go through and what they face is so much more than I have ever had to face in my life! I kinda had a moment this week where I had to completely rely on my Heavenly Father! It really made me realize that he is so close to me and is always close! Sometimes he is the only one who is there for you and I have really learned that since i've been here! Since I don't have you or dad! He really is our best friend and literally our father! I never really realized that until now and I am glad I finally realized it! I know it's a basic concept, but sometimes things you know your whole life, all of a sudden become somethings you feel and know deep down...  Haha
But after that spiritual growing moment, we had lessons to teach! So we go out and teach! We have 2 baptisms coming up! Next week is their interviews and then the 28th is their baptism! One is Bobo who is a 16 year old girl!(: And then Liti! She is 10 and so cute! their both really shy, but they are both amazing and have strong testimonies! They will be the 1st members of the family! So we will have to keep them strong in their church attendance, so they are always coming! We also had one of our less actives come to church yesterday! It is Milas older brother, who reminds me of Jess so much! So of course we tried really hard to get him to come to church! Yesterday morning we literally had to go with the elders and PULL him out f bed! haha He was kinda grumpy and mad at 1st but the elders were so insistent and he came! Then Sister Mataitoga came up to me and Sister Lavaka with tears in her eyes and said thank you for bringing my family back together! Me and sister lavaka just looked at eachother and started crying with her! Totally made me miss you guys! 
So this week was super good but nothing big happened! We didn't reaklly have anything exciting happen! But it sounds like you guys did have such a fun week! I am a little jealous Carly got to go to Glamis with Shar and Jay! I bet she just had so much fun!(: And mom it sounds like you had a crazy fun week getting Christmas stuff out(: I am going to miss seeing Christmas lights and Christmas trees! Everyone said this place doesn't celebrate chistmas that much! So... that kinda sucks! But I get to talk to you guys so that is all that matters!!(: 
I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO SO MUCH! DON'T EVER FORGET THAT!! Oh and since Thanksgiving is coming up, eat ALOT of funeral potatoes for me! I miss them so so so much! Oh and mom! Can you send me Gmas address and Shar and Jays address(: Vinaka! 
Oh and you guys could send me both please! The fuzzies and the CTR rings! I want to give the CTR rings out to the people we baptize!!(: But the fuzzies will be so awesome for the kids!!(: They'll love it! 
Au lomani iko! 
-Sister Courtney Rich

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