Monday, November 25, 2013

I love Service when it's at THE BEACH!!!

Oi Lei!!!(: 
This week went by so fast! We were super busy and we will be super busy this week too! This past week was so good! We were constantly doing things and always visiting people! haha(: !So, I will tell you about all the exciting things we did!
So on Thursdays we usually have service. This Thursday, we didn't have anyone to go and do service for because it got cancelled! So we called the Elders and asked if they had service and we would just go with them, but they didn't! So we decided to walk down to the beach and pick up trash! Hahaha which, we did pick up trash... but we also spent time taking pictures and enjoying ourselves! haha(: We had a lot of fun and maybe might be the best service yet!(:
Almost every night this week, we had lightening and thunder storms! Oh man... SO SCARY! The lightening is HUGE and so close you can feel it, and the thunder is LOUD! Everyone says this is signs that a cyclone will be coming soon! So.. i am just so excited for that... NOT! haha But it was funny, one night me and Sister lavaka woke up because the lightening was so bright and thunder was so loud! We just sat there for like an hour talking at like 3 oclock in the morning because there was no way we could go back to sleep with it being so loud! but the funny part is that we would be talking to each other, and then as soon as the lightening and thunder would start we would both just stop talking and then when it stopped we would start talking again! Haha we didn't realize we were doing it until later, but we were laughing at ourselves the next day!(: 

Oh on Monday when we went to play volley ball, it started RAINING! It was raining so hard! We like could barely see! but we kept playing! haha it was so fun, but then after we were freezing! haha(: 

Tuesday, we had district meetings and we went to McDonalds! We finally had our new district and everyone was here! Then we had transfers... haha me and Sister lavaka didn't get transferred but two of the elders did.. haha we were sad because one of the guys who just came had to leave! But, it was okay! We had fun while he was here and celebrated him coming and leaving at Mamas pizza! haha(: So we had mamas pizza and Mcdonals all in one week!(: Big Deal here!

PERTAINING TO MISSIONARY WORK... haha which is the mian reason I am here.. haha 

We had 2 of our investigators pass their baptism interview!(: YAY!!! We were so excited! Liti and Bobo! We love them and we are so so so excited for them! Their baptism will be on Thursday because that is Bobos birthday!(: We are so excited for their baptism! I feel like this is my 1st actual baptism because I started teaching them and I will finish teaching them!(: 
Also we had ALOT of our less active come to church this week! Almost all that we go and visit regularly came! Sister Lala, Sister Tirikula and Masi!(: That made us very excited!
Okay so another cool thing! We were talking to Sister Mataitoga last night when we were walking home from dinner and she started telling me and sister Lavaka how last year all she wanted for christmas was for her kids (Mila, who is our ward missionary, and Masi, who has been coming to church every Sunday the last month!!) to come to church! And how we were the answer to her prayers! Even if it is a year late, it still happened! It is the best christmas present she could ask for! Me and Sister Lavaka felt so good! She told us, missionaries have always come over and no one has ever been able to get her kids to c ome to church.. but somehow me and Sister Lavaka did! It was definitely one of those missionary moments where ou realize that that is why you are here and Heavenly Father really does call you to a specific place for a specific reason! I love that family so much! They have become our family away from family! We always go there when we need something or when we just need a break! And even though they don't have any money, they still always feed us and help us in any way they can! She said she loves us so much and she looks at us like her children!! It was so awesome!(:
Being a missionary is amazing! Of course I miss you guys, but its already been 3 months in Fiji! Can you believe that! I can't! Haha(: I love you guys so so so much! Sorry this letter is totally scatter brained! Haha But i guess it is like I'm there telling a story!(: Haha 

LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH! Kepp doign what you are doing and keep feeding the missionaries!(: haha Who are the missionaries there? They better be working hard !(:
xoxo from Fiji!(:
-Sister Rich
p.s. I took ALOT of pictures this week! So more to come!(:

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