Sunday, November 17, 2013

Another Week in Paradise

Another week down(: We had such a good week and we actually had a lot of fun! We stayed really busy and I am so exhausted! But I don't think I am ever going to stop being tired! haha(: So this week.. 1st off, sorry I didn't send pictures last week.. the internet shop we are at isn't allowing us to upload pictures.. so I'm sorry! We will go to another internet shop next week so I can send pictures!  So Monday all the new Elders came from the transfers! It was fun and kinda sad that we had to say bye to some of them! Its so fun making new friends and especially when you are in the same district, the Elders really take care of me and Sister Lavaka! So it was sad saying bye to them! But, the new elders are stake missionaries, so we will have them here until the new intake comes! I guess the new intake didn't get their workers permits, so they are still in the US. But now they will come in December! But, it will be good! Me and Sister Lavaka had a little scare this week with transfers! Our District leader called us and said we had transfers! We were at the Mataitogas house, so we put it on speaker and everyone was silent listening to the transfer.. we sat there while he read through everyones new areas.. then he goes, Sister Lavaka.. and I swear I thought I was going to have a heart attack!! hahaha I was so scared we were going to get transferred! Haha! then he says "Sister Rich is going to kill you in Nadi!" Haha everyone starts screaming and we were so excited! Haha all the kids from Navoci were jumping up and down! It was so funny!(: 
Mom, I learned how to make lolo buns! Oh my goodness! Seriously heaven! I am in love with them! They're so good! And there is this other thing they make here... its called ice pops.. they're like a milk popsicle! Their SOO good! I am still learning how to make curry and Roti! But I am almost there(: Haha the cooking is my favorite part! 

So one of our investigators, Bobo, her dad is in th hospital.. I guess a lot of people do black magic here.... scary! But anyways, they think someone did black magic no him, because the doctors don't know what is wrong with him and I guess it is just really bad! So yesterday we went with her to the hospital to see him and take him food with Bobo and oh my goodness.. it was so sad! The hospitals here are scary! I can't believe it! I hope I never get sick! But when we saw her dad, me, Sister Lavaka, Mila, Pau and Seru just all started crying! It was so sad! He asked us to say a prayer with him, so we did and it was amazing how much you care for people even when you have no idea who they are! Being a missionary is amazing! I am loving being here in Fiji! And I am LOVING the people more and more each day! I love them like I love you guys! After we left and we went outside and sat on the grass and shared a little message with Bobo.. She told me she isn't worried because she knows her dad will go to a good place and she will be able to see him again! It was one of those moments where I realized how amazing this gospel is and how amazing it is to be a missionary! Before we taught Bobo, she didn't really have any religious background.. but hearing her say that just made me realize that that is why I am here! I helped her realize how amazing this gospel is and how true it is! Because I know without a doubt that this gospel is true!(: Anyways.. that was my spiritual experience!!(: Haha 

As for you guys, it sounds like you guys had a busy week with Christmas decorations! I am so jealous! haha no one really decorates for christmas here! Oh and GUESS WHAT.... I had a ring worm on my arm.... hahah but don't worry, its gone and I got medicine for it! haha but oi lei! I was freaking out a little bit! haha(: Oh and our baptisms, are next week! We had to postpone on of them but we are so excited about them! And we have a new investigators! SO YAY!(: I love her! She is amazing!(: Sister Lala is doing good! She still can hardly walk but she is walking around! We are going over tomorrow for dinner and a FHE... her sons idea! So good sign!(: Tell carly to keep playing piano! I wish I could play piano SO SO SO bad!!! So keep going! haha(: 

Well i love you guys so much! I have the best family in the whole entire world!(: I am loving Fiji, I am loving the people, I am loving the gospel, and I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! I can't even tell you how much i love this gospel(: Oh and only a few weeks until I get to talk to you guys and skype! LOVE YOU SO SO SO MUCH!(: 

loloma levu! 
-Sister Rich

p.s. oh mom! Bishops wife said that you should add her on facebook because she has posted pictures on her page! Her name is Nia Kaumaitotoya.. So add her and there are some pictures of me and Sister Lavaka! She also said, if I am still here on Christmas, I can skype from her house!(: Haha love you! Give hughs to everyone!!!(

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