Sunday, March 23, 2014

District Celebration with Holy!!

HELLO my Beautiful family(: 
This week has been... adventurous! Haha Thats the only word I can think of to explain this week! But it was so fun!(: It all started on Monday! With our awesome district celebration with Holy! We had a huge chalk fight and it was so much fun! Then on Tuesday my new companion came!! Her name is Sister Au and she is from Samoa! She is a super good teacher and is very straight forward. Which is good because I cannot be straight forward with my investigators when I need to be.. She told me I was too nice! haha But i don't know how else to be! So I guess thats why we are companions! I'm the sugar and shes the vinegar or the spice... I think thats the analogy.. right? or I'm the sweet and shes the sour! haha!! She told Sister Koto that she was scared to have a white companion, because I guess all the white sisters before me gave me a bad name... But thats okay! I can totally change her mind(: 
We have had a really good week and had a lot of lessons this week with ALOT of walking! We tried to go and see everyone we could! Which we did really good  job of, I think! But I did get a really bad sunburn! (: but we had a lot of really good spiritual lessons! The spirit has been so strong lately! I don't know what it is but we had the best lessons with some of our investigators and Less actives. Just made me feel like I need to be here. And that was kinda of what I needed after last weeks disappointment! haha(: So it turned out to be such a good week! We were also able to get our lost investigator back! I was so excited about that!! It is so good just seeing the work moving and seeing it progress in this area! I am LOVING IT!

Its just amazing to have a front row seat to the greatest change in peoples lives! I get to see people's lives change every day! I get to see the light in their eyes when they realize the gospel is true. I get to see their testimonies grow as they realize what they can do to be closer to Heavenly Father. And by far my favorite, is when I get to see people finally realize that they aren't alone and that Heavenly Father LOVES them unconditionally! For me that has been the greatest blessing... seeing other peoples lives blessed by this gospel. And it breaks my heart completely when they don't accept it.. but this gospel is light and that light never goes away! 

So weird story that kinda ties into what I was just saying, but then not really... but heres the story! 
 So we decided to walk down this dirt road the other day.. we just kept following the road and having fun and taking pictures... not really sure where we were going! But we ended up in this little village called Bali! Its is just a small village with that Bahai religion. They are all Bahai, and they invited us to come back for their ceremony the next day.. So we did! It was SO interesting. They actually looked down on me because I was from America and they dont have this religion in America at all...And no one really was talking to me. Which I was okay with. But it was so interesting to me to see the difference in beliefs. (So the Bahai faith believes in everything other churches believe... kinda confusing.. but i'm not really sure...) They were happy people, but during the meeting, the light was gone... I don't know if that makes sense. But there is such a difference in our messages. When we share our messages/lessons.. we share from our heart and with this faith, they read things and quote things. So it is just interesting to me to see the difference in the messages. I could just really tell how much our message brings light! How much it brings happiness and that change that I was talking about! Its just amazing to me how true this gospel is! How AMAZING it is and how lucky i am to be able to share it with other people. I just love being a missionary! 
I hope you guys had a fun week! You guys are always in my prayers and I love you SO SO SO MUCH! You're awesome, I love you!(: 
 Sister Rich

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