Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Sighs Baptism!!!

Is it already Monday? It feels like just yesterday, I was emailing you about the Singhs baptism! haha! Weeks are going by faster and faster! This week was another awesome week for us! There was nothing super special about it, but it was super spiritual. There wasn't a lesson this week where the spirit wasn't there! So to me that is an amazing week!(: 
We had Zone conference this week. It was so good! the spirit was so strong and I was able to learn a lot from the trainings! It so cool to learn something and then apply it to your teaching and see how much it actually works and helps you investigators! haha(: It so cool! I wish I learned this much in school.... haha(; but it was good to have president and Sister Klingler here! Oh yea.. did I tell you that we will be getting a new mission president in June? Well we are! It will be so sad to get a new mission president. Especially since you have this trust in him and this relationship with him. It will just be weird, not having them! But it will be good! i think it will be interesting(: 
Anyways, this weeks theme is Less actives! Because literally thats all we did this week. Was work with our less actives and Recent converts! haha Once the Singhs got baptized out teachign pool went down so much and we had no one to visit. and On top of that we lost an investigator! So.. that was kinda sad! Especially since we thought she was progressing SO SO SO well!! But we were able to have such a good fast this week! And the next day... MIRACLES! Haha Seriously we have been trying to get a hold of this girl we OYM'd a few weeks back and everytime we talked to her, she was at school or busy. So we decided to call and GUESS WHAT?! SHE WAS HOME AND TOLD US TO COME OVER!!!! YAYYYY!!! So we hurried and got ready, being worried she would call and cancel. But we made it there and when we got there her 2 other sisters were there and all 3 decided they wanted to learn more about this church and the gospel!!!! We walked out of there just thanking Heavenly Father. Oh and on top of that, they are related to one of the branch presidents in our area! SO‪#‎GOLDENINVESTIGATORS‬ haha then we went to onother investigator and she was busy but she invited us to go to her daughters wedding in April!! SO hopefully i will b e here! haha and she is indian! So Indian wedding and guess what?! She gave us Sari's to wear!!!!!(: and she told me I could keep them! SO I have a Sari! haha(: but anyways then we went and visited our less actives. We went to one lady, Sister Fong. She is a Fijian Lady and she is the only member in her family. But the kids always sit in our lessons when we come over. They are so cute! There are 3 girls ones 11 the others 9 and the other is 5. So anyways... we totally didn't share what we planned to share we diced to talk on the Holy Ghost and listening to the spirit. So we did and the little girl whose 9 asked us, "how do we know what he says?" and we said you have to listen! Really really carefully! and not just with your ears, but wit your heart! and so then she came to church yesterday and she came up to us and was talking to us and wanted to sit by us at sacrament and she tells me that she went and prayed and asked Heavenly father what church is true and she said she was listening really really hard and she said when she really listened she hear someone screaming MORMON to her! haha and so she wanted to get baptized she said! haha I was seriously so happy and just gave her the biggest hug!
It amazing the blessings and miracles and testimonies of our less actives! They are so strong, they just have to realize it themselves. It really made me recognize the importance of part member families and less actives! It was such a blessing and such a good week. I seriously can't tell you guys how amazing this work is! haha! Its amazing how Heavenly Father has the perfect timing for everyone. He has a plan for each of these people. I am here just to help them move along with their plan! Heavenly Fathers plan is the best! Our theme of this week was member referrals. Every members house we went too, we shared a scripture in Alma 13:24. It has helped so much! We are seeing members be more invlved and really helping our work move a long! I just hope that I can stay here to see the changes in the area as the members get involved! 
I love you guys so much! i love this work so much! I love being a missionary so much! AND I love this gospel so much! It is seriously the best thing ever!(: 
Loloma levu! 
Sister Courtney Rich

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