Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hi Family

Hello mom!
This week wasn't as exciting as your guys week! But it was still good. We kinda had that recovery week. Where we were still busy but, nothing really exciting happened! Haha! Well,  Besides the normal missionary work!(: Nothing exciting!
We were able to commit one of our new investigators to baptism for the 19th. He was so happy! When we invited him, his face just lit up! He was so excited! It was so cute! He is 22 years old and he started taking lessons after dating a girl for 3 years. When he started he said he had no intentions for getting baptized, but after the 1st lesson he was hooked! We saw him 4 times last week. We are so excited for him. He was super cute because he said that he had been praying really hard about baptism since lessons started! So we answered his prayers. it was awesome.

We also got this former investigator to church on Sunday. Who is now an investigator. But, she is in her 40's and she had a seizure a few months ago. But the left side of her body doesn't work that well. So it is hard for her to come to church. But, we made her come this week! We went and picked her up. it took her like 20 minutes to walk from her house to the car. But its is all okay, because she came to church! That was such an accomplishment! haha(:
Other than that this week has been good. President and Sister Klingler left. But President and Sister Layton are AWESOME! They are like so awesome! i got to meet them last night. They are so full of love and their excited to be here! Even though we will miss President and Sister Klingler, I am excited for this new change!(:
I love you guys. Have a good week! BE GOOD!!!(:
Sister Rich

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