Monday, September 30, 2013

My first lesson in Fijian

Week 3 went by faster than I could've imagined! haha The weeks are going by so fast! This week was so so so good though! We had so many good lessons and good experiences! Sister Lavaka and I are getting along so well and we are having so much fun together! She has the same personality as me so we joke around all the time! But, she does talk WAY more than me! So, thats a good thing too!(: Haha 
So this week in my training, I had to start taking the leads in the lessons we teach to our investigators! So this week I have been teaching all the lessons! I even had to teach in Fijian! Which is rare here in Nadi! Usually we speak more of the Fijian language when we go deep in the villages  because a lot of the people we teach are hindu or indian.. so they speak english! Haha But Teaching in Fijian was so amazing, and the lesson went surprisingly really good! haha I thought I was totally going to fail! But, I didn't! Haha(: Heavenly Father was definitely on my side for that one!(: Training is going so good! I am loving all the info it gives us! Me and sister lavaka made these little things for an object lesson when we teach about the apostasy! We just cut out a house on paper and then we made it so we have Jesus Christ as the foundation, prophets, apostles, and power as the middle part and then the room is the church! And we talk about how when Jesus died, we still had the apostles and prophets who had the power, so the church could still stand! But then the prophets and apostles died and no one had the power.. so then the church can stand by itself! It makes the lesson so much easier to understand! Especially for the little kids to understand! It even helped me understand it more! So that was a plus! Lets see what else happened this week?! We mostly went to visit alot of less actives! And when we do that we just share a spiritual thought and talk to them! Some of the speak Hindu and some speak Fijian
Okay my funny story of the week! We went to Sobeto again this week! Which by the way, our area got split and so we don't have Sobeto anymore! but we have some really young girls who are our investigators and we introduced them to the elders that are now in Sobeto, but they told them they didn't want to talk lessons from them! So we got permission to go and teach them! But, once we are done teaching them, we can't go up there anymore../: Anyways, we were teaching a girl named Oli! She is 10! She is so sweet but super quiet! I got to teach her in Fijian! haha that was interesting! But, anyways.. so we were in the middle of the lesson and her little sister comes out! Her little sister is 2 and so chubby! Like she weights more than Carly! She is huge! And calling people fat here isn't an insult! haha its a good thing to them! Haha! But anyways, this little girl is so fat! She is so funny! She kept saying to me in the middle of the lesson "Vosa lewa" Which means like stop talking! And it was so so so funny! And then after we just ignored her she sat down with us and just started going "Vinaka.. vinaka.. vinaka" Which means thank you.. haha so she was trying to get us to pay attention to her the whole time! It was Hilarious! This little girl is so cheeky and talks so much! When we asked her questions she would respond so funny! We were dying! The elders were laughing so hard! Haha!(: 
My distrist is so much fun! We are always laughing and having fun! We always joke about how we need to be a united district! But when we are all together we get nothing done! Haha on Tuesdays we have district meetings and so we all meet together and we talk about our week and talk about ways to help our investigators and it should take like an hour but it takes us like 2 1/2 because we all talk so much! but, it is good because we really help each other! On thursdays, we have missionary service! We go and do service for members and we always go together! haha we call ourselves the Moku siga district, which means "waste of time" hahaha it is so funny! We have so much fun! We have become so close like a family!(: 
So cool story for this week(: We were talking to this family! Less active mom and the dad is a methodist! so we were talking to them with the kids and the little girl, mikayla, wanted to bear her testimony after we were done! And she was bearing it and then she goes, "I hope one day I can become a missionary, just like you guys!" Me and sister lavaka looked at eachother and, I feel like grandma saying this.. but our hearts just melted! That was a proud missionary moment! And one i'll never forget! 
Okay so another funny story! I had been holding my pee all day long because here it is weird to use other peoples bathrooms! Haha but anyways, so i can usually hold it but for some reason the other night, i couldn't! I had to pee so bad! Soo... we were at the chapel and we went to get bread because we didn't have any in our flat and the chapel is just across the street from our flat. so we went to get some for the next morning and i couldn't even walk because I had to pee so bad! haha We had to sit there for like 10 minutes until i could move because I had to pee so bad! Sister Lavaka was Laughing so hard! So in Fiji at night time there are a TON of frogs! so i was just standing there and sister lavaka was laughing because i couldn't move and then a frog jumped on my foot and i screamed and totally started to pee my pants... haha yep! I was so scared of that stupid frog and Sister Lavaka was just sitting there DYING LAUGHING! And then I started laughing and we were just dying! Good thing it was like 9 oclock so no one was at the chapel! But oh my gosh! It was the funniest thing! haha(: 
Well that was my week in a shortened version! I wish you guys were here with me so you could all have this amazing experience with me! I can't even begin to tell you how much I am loving it here! I am loving the people and this place and the ward! Sister Mataitoga told me to tell you she says hello and she sends her regards to you and the family(: She is the lady who is like my mom here! She is so sweet!(: But, anyways, I love you guys so so so so so much! you guys are so so so so amazing! Don't ever forget how much i love you guys and how grateful for you! I love you guys so much! Be safe this week and don't forget to feed the missionaries and give them referrals if you can(: It makes our job easier! haha(: 

-Sister Rich

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  1. I love your wonderful missionary stories. You're doing great. Keep it up,


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