Sunday, September 15, 2013

1st Week in Fiji

Well when my teachers told me that you would never be able to expect what Fiji is like, they were right! This has seriously been probably the hardest week of my mission adjusting and everything! But it has been the most AMAZING! I have learned so much and am so grateful to be here! Everyday gets easier! I got here 1 week ago and it has been a long week! After an flying from Salt Lake City, then a 7 hour lay over in LA then a 16 hour flight to Fiji,  We landed in Nadi at about 530 am Fiji time! And we were all exhausted! Then they made us get on this bus all the way to Suva, and it took 5 hours! It took forever!!! Haha But we all mostly slept or just looked out the window!  The island is Beautiful!  We followed a Road all the way around so we were on the Coast most of the time.  
When we finally made it to Suva all the missionaries serving in Suva were there to help us get all our luggage and take us to the mission home! It was so nice! Then we had lunch at the mission home and met the mission president and his wife! They are so awesome and I love them! They are so nice and remind me of grandma and grandpa! Their so funny!  We spent the evening with them getting all the things we needed to start and then right after I emailed you, we were assigned to a companionship serving somewhere in Suva and stayed with the sisters that night! I got assigned to stay with 2 sisters in a town called Samabula! Which is actually where the temple and mission home are! The sisters names were Sister Fanene and Sister Lavata'i! They were the nicest people ever and made us feel so welcomed and loved! We spent the next few days with them and went out and proselyted and then went to a members house for lesson and dinner and the people are amazing! It was so fun to stay with them! I LOVE Samabula! I miss it! On Thursday, we had orientation and then we got our assignments of our 1st area! I was assigned to Nadi! Which is the GHETTO!  The outskirts are picture perfect, but the inner city is pretty harsh.  Haha(: Oh man it has been so hard going from Samabula where it was perfect weather and so family oriented, to a place that is a little less desirable  and it's HOTTER than ever and humid!  And we walk everywhere! Imagine walking from downtown redlands to Yucaipa!! Thats how big our area is! Its crazy! But we have been busy! 
The 1st day here I actually got a little sick! Idk what it was but oh man my stomach was killing me! We figured it was just the food, so we went to our meetings and then just went back to the flat! Our flat is nice and actually kinda big!  It is definitely one of the nicer flats. So I am grateful for that!(:  But I am so grateful for everything we have at home and all that we have in America! Because things here are so different! It was a big eye opener to see how differnt countries are and how blessed we are! Not only our family, but our country! Its crazy!  Friday was better! I was still a little sick,  but my comapnion said it happens to everyone in their 1st area and I should adjust quickly.  So that is a good thing! She knows how i feel!(: Saturday we had a baptism interview with one of our investigators! His name is Hiro! He is Japanese and is so nice! he is awesome! He hardly speaks English, but he PASSED the baptism interview!!! YAY!(: Haha Hes awesome! Then we had stake conference in Lautoka, the next town over! So we took the bus over there! And had stake conference! President and Sister Klingler were there and when Sister Klingler came and gave me a hug, I just broke down crying! Haha she pulled me aside and talked to me and gave me good advice and then President talked to me and gave me this book that the church is going out with that is called "Adjusting to Missionary Life". It has helped so much and is such an amazing book! Then he gave me a blessing and it was so good! After conference and after my little break down haha we went to this village! It is called Sobeto! OH MY GOSH! IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!  I LOVE IT! It is the best place, and everyone is so nice! They are all so fun and everyone says Bula or Tola! (Depending on what village you are in they have different customs, so we have to remember what they are saying and what we need to do to be allowed in their villages! Its kinda cool!!) Anyways, so we went and we taught 2 of our investigators and their both younger girls! Remind me of Carly so much! Which makes me miss her! So make sure you tell her that!(: Anyways I love that village! I told my companion we are going back alot! Haha(: 
Then Sunday, we had stake conference in Lautoka again and it was so good! Sister Fanene was there and she talked to me about alot and gave me really good advice about everything too! She has been Amazing! I miss her! but we are in the same stake and she is like a 3 hour bus ride away from me! haha she is serving in a town called Ba. So we will see her when she comes down for exchanges!!(: But anyways we have a member of the 70 there and he gave a really good talk and I loved it all! It was really good to hear all of it! Then we came home and just did our studies and we had a good night! Me and my companion are getting along really good!(: She is so fun and funny! And we work really good together! We have fun and she is good at keeping my mind focused on missionary work!(: So we are having fun! Her name is Sister Lavaka! She is awesome and I love her!(: Lets see what else... OH so we ride busses or the mini vans alot because our areas are so big and you guys would die! The busses have NO WINDOWS and their so ghetto! Haha Their so funny! I will take a picture this week and send you guys some next week!(: 
Anyways, I love you guys so much! You have no idea! 
Oh and my address is: 
Sister Courtney Rich 
Suva, Fiji Mission
GPO box 215 
Suva Fiji Island 

I hope all is good with you guys! I can't even begin to tell you how much I have learned since i have been here! Make sure you guys are all getting along because we are so lucky to have this gospel and each other for eternity! Don't forget who you are and that Heavenly Father is always on your side(: D&C 84:88 has been my scripture this week! And will probably be my scripture for a while!(: Love you guys so so so much! You guys don't even know!!! Haha I miss you! Be safe and tell carly I love her and miss her too! 
Oh did you guys get my package? 
Au lomani vakalevu iko!♥ 
Sister Rich

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