Friday, September 6, 2013

Last Letter from the MTC

Only 3 days? And today is a Pday, so that doesn't even count! Its going to go by so fast! I ca

n't believe how fast this week went by! Its been such an emotional week! But, such a good weeks! Its also been such a exhausting week, spiritually, mentally and physically!
So i'll start with the story that I know you're all going to want to hear.. Haha! I had to go to the doctors again and get more meds.. But not for the same things! Let me tell you the story before you get all worried! Okay so Monday morning I woke up with a bug bite that didn't hurt at all.. but it was really red.. haha I just thought it happened like it.. But, then on tuesday morning I woke up and it was HUGE! Like covered half my calf.. and it was hard and my leg and foot was super swollen! so it kinda hurt pretty bad.. But anyways, I wasn't sure what to do because the health clinic didn't open until 8 and I had class at 730.. so i went to class with my calf the size of a hot air balloon and taught a lesson (in pain) and stayed for more than half the class (in pain). But then my teacher told me to finally go because he said I needed to get it checked out! SO... me and my companions made a trek with my monster leg.. we get to the health clinic (here on campus) and I didn't want to wait to see a dr. so I just told them I wanted to see a nurse to see if it was anything i needed to be worried about! And of course, she kinda freaked out.. okay she really freaked out and made the doctor come in and look at it... Side story: While she is freaking out, can you just imagine what I am thinking.. "Oh my gosh their going to have to cut off my leg?" "Oh my gosh i'm not going to be able to go to Fiji".. All these bad things and I started freaking out!) Then while the doctors were looking at it and trying to figure it out, they were talking and saying all this scary stuff, and knowing Courtney, my cooping mechanism is laughing and trying to make a joke out of things.. so I awkwardly asked them if i was going to turn into the Hulk or spiderman! Haha they all stopped what they were doing and just started dying laughing! But then the doctors didn't know how to tell me that they didn't know what it was so it got really awkward and they had to prescribe me 2 antibiotics or something! Anyways, so then we went to lunch (with my leg the size of the hulk by now) we sat by the tongan sisters because one of them broke their leg and so we we walking all crippled together! Then before we went into the lunch room we saw out branch president who was talking to us (Sister Katoa and I) telling us all these scary stories that he might be seeing us on sunday and we might have to stay.. so now i'm freaking out! Because as much as I love the MTC.. I want to get to Fiji! So I stayed with Sister Katoa and her 2 companions, (sister sotelle and sister williams) went to go gwet my meds! Oh yea, because the doctor told me stay off it and keep it elevated!! Haha yea right.. haha anyways, so I had to go to their class because they were teaching and their going to Oakland ca, and New Zealand Tongan speaking! So that was interesting teaching a lesson with her! haha(: But I got my meds and everything is fine! My leg was still swollen yesterday but now everything is fine! Just barely swollen! Now its like the size of a water balloon.. well a big water balloon! (Oh other side story: So one of the elders in my zone got sent water balloons so he thought he would prank the other elders in the bathroom and throw them at them while their in the shower and so he thought he was all funny and threw them at the elders and none of them popped! So they all chased him and threw them back but the bathroom has hard tile which is slippery when wet and one of them popped and the elder who thought it was funny slipped on it and fell and hurt his knee!!! HAHAHA) So we have a girl who broke her leg playing volleyball, a girl who is turning into the hulk, and an elder who is on crutches! haha) Anyways, I have a doctors apt tomorrow and everything should be good(: Don't worry, i'm not turning into the hulk either!(:
Lets see what else exciting happened this week.. haha nop apostle talking this week.. so that was boring.. but we did have fun sitting in the handicap section of the marriot center! haha Grandma fixed my backpack tht was so so nice! Thank you so much!
OH! We sang in church this Sunday and literally everyone was crying! All the members of the presidency and all the missionaries! I was so proud that I held it together(: But it was so pretty! They branch president made us sing it again so he could record it! But it was so good!
As the days get closer and closer to us leaving it doesn't feel like it is really happening! Its weird how I wanted to leave so bad, but now I'm terrified to leave! My teacher told us this story about how for the 1st 3 months, he was crying every night, his companion didn't speak english and no one could understand him at all.. so he was so homesick, didn't have a friend and couldn't talk.. so one night (well for multiple night after this) he talked to a cockroach... So it is my goal not to talk to a cockroach!! Haha that is seriously my goal, not to be so alone that I have to resort to talking to a cockroach! I think i'd cry! Haha!
Nothing else has really happened this week! I havent started packing yet.. you know me! But, I know i am going to have to start.. like today! Haha(:
It sounds like things are going so good at home! Sounds like you had a good weekend in pismo! I would've loved going and relaxing!! Jess sounds like she had such a good week! i could feel her so close to me and I wish I could've "accidentally" ran into her! Haha(: But i'm glad she had such a good week! Love her and miss her so much!
I love you all so much! Sorry this letter is boring but its exciting because this is my last pday in the MTC!(: Haha woohoo! It still hasn't really hit me that i am going to be in Fiji soon.. SO WEIRD! FIJI... Anyways, i love you guys so much! The next email you will get will be from my 1st week in FIJI!!(: I love you all! Can't wait to talk to you guys either! it will probably about 6! So have your phone on loud so you answer!!!(: Haha!
Au lomani iko matavuvale!
You guys are awesome! Keep working hard and being the best person you can be!(: Talk to you in Fiji!(:

This is all the people going to Fiji

We get to do Service every MOnday and we got to be Ghost Busters this week!  

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