Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dancing in the Rain Pictures

This is Sister Tugaga! 

We have service every thursday and this thursday we had it at Anas house!(:

It started pouring and within 5 seconds we were soaked! This is Sister Seru! She is a RM and she is seriously crazy! haha we take her with us juist to make us laugh! Haha she is seriously insane! But we love her! 

These are some of the kids from a village called Navoci! Seriously the kids are what I love so much here! I sit and pay with the kids all day long if i could! I was walking the other day and one of the kids from a villagae called Namotomoto came up to me and gave me a hug and a flower and wanted to put it in my hair! haha I seriously loved it and wore that flower all day long! Their the cutest thing! I love them!(: 

I let the kids in Navoci play with my camera while we taught a lesson and when I got home I went through the pictures and this is just one of the many pictures they took! haha their seriously so cute!(: oh and they love to dance! I have the cutest video of them dancing! You guys would laugh so hard!

It was Elder Tekes birthday yesterday so we asked a member to help us make a cake for him and this is what we made! hahaha(: GO US! 

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