Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rain Baths

Well this week has been Wananavu! (amazing) Haha!   We had a such a fun week! It was raining so much again this week, but we endured through it and we finally saw sunshine yesterday! But, because of all the rain, there are SO MANY MOSQUITOS! I hate them and they are HUGE!! I know, I better get use to them fast! haha! Besides the rain and the Mosquitos, This week was great and it we got to do a lot of fun things! It was kind of a slow week as far as the teaching goes but I feel like me and Sister Lavaka hardly saw the flat this week! haha 
Monday we went to quito! (sports) We played with the district! It was a blast! It was Elder Tekes bday last week so  we went and had pizza for his bday lunch last monday! Surprisingly it was SO GOOD for Fiji Pizza, I mean! it was not Little Caesars, but It was pretty darn good!!!! Haha(:
Well, Since Sister Lavaka and I are the Sisters that are closest to the airport, anytime there are sisters who fly in and either have a long lay over or whatever, they stay with us! We get to host them! So we got to host or Sister Training Leaders on Monday night! They were going to Labasa for exchanges!  It's always a fun change to have visitors for the night! 
On Tuesdays we had District meetings! And we went all the way to a village called Nawaka for our District Meeting because we lost the key to our chapel... whoops! haha We gotta find that.. ! So I  seriously love our district! We all get along and have so much fun together! Sister Lavaka said our district is the closest district she has ever had! So I feel very blessed! We always go to lunch together after our meetings so we went to lunch and had Curry chicken! Seriously I feel like all I eat here is curry! Chicken curry everything Curry! Haha! I am going to be so tired of it by the time I get home! But  I LOVE ROTI! It is so good! I know I will never get tired of Roti! I eat it just plain all the time and the members always give us the left over roti for me to take home! The Members are awsome(: Oh and remember when we went to the PCC when we went to Hawaii for Carlys Gymnastics meet and we ate the bun with the coconut milk on it? and they weren't good at all? Well, they are called lolo buns and OH MY GOSH! THEY ARE HEAVEN! Ana made them for us this week and I think I ate like 10 of them! They are so good! I will learn how to make them so I can make them the right way for you! Haha they are so delicious! 
So funny story! We had a busy day planned with a lot of walking and seeing less actives and investigators! But it was sunny that morning so I wore my Salt water Sandals! When we got to our 1st appointment, it started pouring rain! Salt waters are water proof, but they dont have good traction at all!  So when we left we were just walking and singing like we always do but this time, I totally slipped! And mud went everywhere! haha the rest of the day I walked barefoot like a normal person here in Fiji! Myy companion was laughing so hard, But I felt right at home! My feet are gonna be so tough when I get home.  This week I must've not been paying attention very well because on Saturday we were talking and walking through one of the street markets and I must not be able to do two things and once, because I ran straight into a pole! hahaha Sister Lavaka and Sister Seru were Laughing SO HARD! Which I was too, but then later my side was hurting and I looked and Yep! A HUGE bruise! haha But, i guess thats what I get from not paying attention!! Haha(: 
We got ALOT of referrals from the members this weekend! SO I hope this week we will be busy with those referrals! We are so excited! We were walking the other day through Sobeto and some guy just started talking to us!  Usually we are the ones who start talking to them first, but he invited us back over and he actually knows one guy who is in our ward so he said he would go with us to visit him and teach him! So that was a great blessing!
OH!   we have transfers coming up on the 9th! I dont think I am going to get transferred,  but I could because I will need to get a follow up companion to follow up on my training! I guess we will see what happens! Haha I don't think I want to leave Nadi!  Everyone teases me and says I am going to leave Nadi and go straight to Taveuni! Which is like deep in the village! It is the only village sisters go too! haha But don't worry!!  I really don't think they will send me there yet.  I don't know the language that well yet.  But I am working on it daily.
It sounds like you guys had a fun week! Carly, you look SO awesome with your hammocking! I am so glad you are loving it! you look so grown up without braces too! STOP GROWING! You need to stop! haha(: I miss you and love you! The pumpkin patch looks SO fun! I am kinda jealous and miss celebrating holidays like that! We have Diwali next Monday! So that will be an interesting experience and definitely a different holiday for me! Haha You guys are all so awesome! I miss you guys so so so much! I can't even begin to tell you how much I love you guys! 
loloma levu! 
-Siste Courtney Rich

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