Sunday, October 20, 2013

Dancing in the Rain

Another week has past and I finally get to email you guys again! Your emails made me cry this week! You guys are all SO awesome and I miss you all so so SO much! I can really feel your guys' prayers for me each and every day and you guys are all so amazing I hope you  know that!(: 
This week was kinda a hard week for me.. but still a good one! A lot of good things happened! So Monday we had Sister exchanges! Where our sister training leaders come and we go on splits with my them! So I got to stay here in Nadi with Sister Tugaga! She is from New Zealand and she is seriously the nicest person i've ever met! She is super mellow though! Especially compared to Sister Lavaka..  But it was great to experience different people and I learned so much from her! So what we do is Sister Tugaga comes here and stays with me and then Sister Lavaka goes and stays with her companion in her area for a day! So she came Monday evening and left Tuesday evening! And since I'm the new missionary in my area I get to show her around, we get to go and visit our members, and investigators and I teach everything.. Which was so hard on me at first! But once I got going it was a real confidence booster because it showed me that I can actually teach lessons and I know more than I think I do! And I know it is all from Heavenly Fathers help!  I definitely learned ALOT from her and she even told me that in January, when the other training sisters leave, I'll become a training sister.... I hope not! haha But it would be fun! We even went to Mcdonalds with our district.. haha But don't worry! I didn't spend 15$ on a hamburger! Haha(: 
As you can tell by my Subject, it rained SO MUCH THIS WEEK! Like I seriously am so surprised it hasn't flooded! So I can just imagine when it does flood how hard it must rain! haha it is going to be crazy! We had fun running in the rain and playing though! We walked to our investigators and less actives in it and oh man, I literally felt like I jumped in a swimming pool! Literally I was soaked! haha and the roads were like rivers and we could hardly see in front of us! When it rains here it RAINS HARD! It is seriously like sheets of water just pouring down! Everyone keeps saying a big storm is coming because the weather has been so bad and when they say "big storm" here it isn't just like a Southern California winter storm warning kind of rain storm.. they're talking about cyclone kind of rain storms!!  oh man! I might cry if we get a cyclone or typhoon!!! So that has definitely been in my prayers this week that it wont come! haha(: 
OH I GOT MY 1ST LETTER!! It was so fun to get a letter! An actual hand written letter! haha it was from Carolyn Bogh! It was so fun to hear from her and about her family! And she sent me a poem! Mom, if you get a chance ask her to send it to you because it is so good! You'll probably cry just like I did! Haha(: 
Oh I got told that I am getting fat... haha which here is a good thing! It is actually a compliment!!!! Haha But, I don't want to get fat! So I have been working out! I talked Sister Lavaka into going running the other day and I loved it! I missed running! But she said we are never going again because she was so sore! Hahaha so now, she just sits outside and i run up and down the streets like a million times it feels so good to just be running!  She usually falls back asleep on the side walk! haha But I refuse to get fat! haha 
Yesterday at church, I guess the missionaries are just the go to people when they don't have any one to speak! So guess what?! I got to give a talk! I had 5 minutes to prepare and it was on missionary work! So I talked about having the desire to share the gospel! I related it to Lehi's dream and the tree of life and how when he partook of it he wanted everyone to have it! and he called for people to eat it! So I related that to them! I told them that as a member of this church, we have all partaken of the fruit from the tree of life and we should want to share this gospel with everyone! We should want them to partake of the Tree of Life! So it was kind of a simple subject, but for 5 minutes to prepare I was totally proud of myself!(: 
Okay so let em explain who this girl is that added you on facebook! Her name is Ana and she is Milas' sister, our ward missionary, we are super close to her family! The Mataitogas! They have become like my family here! They are the sweetest, most amazing people! But Ana is married to a non member! Who we are trying to teach! We always go over there and she always feeds us!! haha.  She is so nice! I love her and her boys are adorable! She has 2 kids! Junior and Tukai!(: I love their family so much! We were just over last night and we were talking about you guys!(: 
Anyways, sorry this weeks letter was kinda boring and lame! It has kinda been a hard week for me! But The up coming week will hopefully be better and I will have more to write next week!(: 
I can't even begin to tell you guys how much I love you all! you are all so awesome and I can seriously feel your guys' love even when I am thousands of miles away! ILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOU!(: 
Have such a good week! 
Au lomani va levu iko! 
-Sister Rich

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