Monday, January 27, 2014

A Year From Today!

Another week and I can't believe we have 1 YEAR LEFT!!! I CAN'T BELIEVE IN 1 YEAR YOU WILL BE IN FIJI!!! That's crazy! I was talking to Sister Ihaka about it and I was telling them that you guys are going to die in the heat! You will be coming from the cold to the hotter than hot heat! Haha(: You'll love it(; haha I just can't believe it is a year from today! 

Anyways, this week was good! Definitely felt like a roller coaster though! We were able to find people and we also lost some people... But its all gravy! We had a really cool experience with one of our new investigators! We found her while we were getting off the bus, but there is a background story.....

So, we left our apartment planning on going to see a referral, who we didn't know if she was there or not! Then as we left our flat we got a phone call from one of the Elders asking us about the sister staying with us! (Oh yea, there is this sister staying with us.. she is going home from her mission because she is sick... but she is so sick she can't walk or leave the apartment! So we are stuck switching off all day with her... so anyways...) We got on the bus to go to Namaka and  I was still on the phone and totally forgot to go see the referral... so we said oh man.. we will just go see her on our way home. We got off the bus and this lady was getting off the bus at the same time! I saw her struggling with her groceries, so I turned to Sister Koto and said, We go ask her for help.. So, side story... I stopped asking people to help them here because everyone looks at me funny and just says no... So I feel like super awkward asking now because everyone just says no and turns away! but for some reason I felt like I should ask her... so I did and she SAID YES! haha!!   I was so excited because in the 5 months I have been here I have been told no every time! So we helped her and were just talking to her and then she invited us in and made us juice and brought us cookies! She is like the sweetest lady! She is migrating to Canada next year because that is where her husband is! She was telling us all about that and she is this indian lady so she was showing us all her Sari's and you know me.... I just love them! So we just sat with her and then she started telling us the story about how when she got off the bus she was praying that someone would help her.. and then before she was even done asking we came along! Which gave us like the perfect opportunity to sneak the gospel into our convo(: So we talked about it and instead of us inviting ourselves back, she invited us back!!!! WOOHOO!!! Me and sister Koto were so excited when we left! It was seriously like the boost we needed to help us get through this week! We were also able to go and find a less active family! They have been like MIA since we got here but me and Sister koto went one night and they were doing their evening devotional (Oh yea, so in Fiji, at 7 oclock every night everyone who goes to church has family devotional.. like FHE but it every night...!) They invited us to come back the next day and have devotional and dinner with them.. so we did and they are so awesome and the wife isn't a member... so we have been praying for her to want to start taking lessons!!(: 

Anyways other than that I was able to get you all some little gifts!! They will come in the next few weeks! I am giving it to a member who is a flight attendant and she is flying into LA next week! So I asked her and she was more than happy to send it for me!(: SO LOOK OUT FOR THAT!!(: 

Lets see other things that happened this week! I got cussed at in Fijian..!!! That was fun! haha ohh and I also I learned how to Indian dance!! So for language study, me and sister koto listen to Fijian radio and translate it! I write down words I don't understand and it is actually really helpful! But, yesterday when we were listening to it, the fijian station played a indian song.. Sister Koto said I know the dance to this song, so she taught me and she was just laughing the whole time! She also taught me how to do a fijian dance and the fijian chant type thingy.. haha we have to keep ourselves entertained somehow when we are just sitting at home with the sick sister from Kiribati! So evertything else funny wont be that funny to you guys! So I'll just keep it in my journal..  haha(: 

Anyways, I just want to tell you guys how much I love you! I can't even tell you guys how much I miss you somedays! There are those days, where I just think how long a year is and how hard things have been and i don't know how i will be able to do it, but for some reason I am here. I stay... haha I have really been learning a lot from this Book of Mormon reading challenge the mission gave us and it has been helping me so much! A mission is the hardest thing ever, but it is the best. It has really taken me 19 years of my life to really know for myself how true this gospel is and how true this church is! It really is absolutely amazing! And there is no way that I could've made it through the thing I have without it! You guys are so awesome! I love you all so so so much! Don't ever forget how much I love you all and just keep doing what you are all doing!(: Have such an awesome week! OH and Jess and Greg... CONGRATS! I can't wait to be an aunt!!!(;
 Love you guys!!(:
Lomani iko!
-Sister Rich

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