Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy Birthday Carly!!

Sorry this week is going to be a short letter! But I will try and include some pictures! 
1st of all let me just tell you this week has been so good! Nothing big happened but it was a good week! 

Me and Sister Koto are doing so good! We got the area split, which means me and Sister Koto are basically starting from nothing... Our area is an area that no one has really gone into! We only have 5 investigators and 4 of them are all in the same family and their planning on getting baptized on Feb. 1st.. which means after feb. 1st we will have 1 INVESTIGATOR in our area... haha so our 24 new investigators we have to work towards is going to be hard... but I know me and Sister Koto can do it! We just OYM vei siga kece! (everyday!) Its fun! We have met a lot of people.. But another sad thing about the split is that we aren't in any villages... our area is the middle of a town called Namaka and we are in the heart of the city.. so I was kinda sad about that! But, me and Sister Koto are working hard for our 24!!! And we will get it!(: 

We had such a amazing lesson this week with a new investigator!!!(: She is 21 and just had a baby... She is a Sister Ihaka (a member) sons girlfriend.. haha but she is amazing.. I couldn't not think of Jess the whole time we were teaching her and it just made the lesson so much better and so much more meaningful. I was crying and Sister Ihaka was crying! The spirit was just amazing! She is Bohai.. which is like a crazy religion.. in simple terms, they believe in EVERY religion! Everything they follow... So when I found out I was a little nervous about teaching her because the last Bohai we taught was mean and just wanted to hear our religion and bible bash.. which was a weird experience i don't think i ever told you about.. haha but anyways! It was completely opposite of what I thought. She started crying and I could tell the spirit was really there! It was probably one of the best feelings ever to see someone recognize the spirit for the 1st time! I LOVED IT! After the lesson she still wasn't sure if she wanted to continue to take lessons, so she said she would text us the next day to let us know.. we invited her to pray and she said yes... soooo i can't even tell you how hard I prayed that night for her! And then the next day I was just waiting for her response all day.. nothing.. we were so disappointed... then friday... nothing... then saturday.. at about 8 pm.. she texted us probably the best text ever! She said she wants to continue taking lessons!!! I WAS SO EXCITED!!! I was jumping up and down with Sister Koto!! Haha Isn't this gosel just amazing!!!(: 

well today we went on this amazing hike!! It was so hard! But I haven't done anything like that since i've been here! So I loved it! It was gorgeous! I got super sunburned... even with snscreen! But its okay! The view was worth it! We had so much fun! I will try and send some pictures!(: 

Other than that this week has just included OYM, training, and I do a lot of talking... haha my companion is a little shy when it comes to teaching lessons! But thats okay! One day she will be the one talking and I won't have to!(: I LOVE training! It is probably the best thing ever! I was super nervous about it! But, i feel like I am doing what i need to be doing! I am learning so much from it too! So it is good(: 

Well i love you ALL!!!(: Oh and CARLY.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!(: I love you all! Don't ever forget how true this gospel is! People never told me how hard a mission is, but i can't even begin to tell you how worth it, it is! I can't imagine being anywhere else or doing anything else! Thanks to each of you who helped me prepare for this!(: I really have THE BEST FAMILY EVER!!!!(: 

Au lomani kemudo! 
-Sister Rich

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