Monday, January 13, 2014

How do you say in English.... ???

ANOTHER WEEK! Man this week went by fast! I can't believe it!  Although it went by fast, there wasnt a lot of amazing stuff going on! So sorry if the letter might be short! Haha

Fun story though!! I got to go to a baby shower! Haha! She is one of our potential investigators. I was so excited because as you all know, I LOVE KIDS! Haha! But the baby is already born and so cute! I was so excited to go and the food was so good! I LOVED it! It kinda felt like home for a day! Haha! Then Tuesday night, I got really sick.. it was no fun! I was stuck in the apartment all day on Wednesday because the mission nurse wouldn't let me leave because of the heat! But, don't worry I just slept ALL day long and was better by Thursday and was able to go out! haha! We have been hosting a lot of sisters lately! We had one sister that served in Georgia from Kiribati. She is so awesome! She came and told me I don't even sound American anymore!! It was really funny actually! We were having lunch and we were all just talking and I was telling one of my "Courtney stories" and in the middle of my story, I forgot how to say a word in english.... YES I FORGOT ENGLISH! It was such a weird feeling to not know how to say something in english because I have kinda like spoke english my whole life! Haha... Sister Kotobalavu and Sister Jonathan were laughing so hard at me and I had to say it to them in Fijian and then they said the word in English! I was so embarassed! haha... The other sister going back to Kiribati was just laughing because thats how she is with her language! She said she is so scared to go home because she forgot how to speak her language! haha! but now i understand why you guys were all laughing at me on Christmas! Haha!

Thursday we had the longest service ever! We went to a members house and the elders are helping them build their house on top of the old house, so when it floods they will be safe upstairs. So the elders were on the room all day and me and my companions were in this old ladies garden.. well you cant even call it a garden.. it is more like a rubbish bin! haha!!  She asked us to pick up ALL the trash. So we thought "Oh! this wont be hard" ... YEA RIGHT! We go over there and we start picking it up and there is trash all in the dirt. We kept digging and digging and there was trash in the dirt for what felt like 500 ft. But we did it and she was so happy!  But, I seriously just wanted to go home and sleep after that! After our shower and studies we went to a Indian families house for a lesson! They're Less active but still have strong testimonies! But anyways, we have been visiting them and they love me.. it is so funny! The mom hardly speaks english but she calls me her "bahoo" which means daughter-in-law in Indian!!! They always tell me to come back after my mission so I can marry her son! Hahaha... We just joke and tease about it! But they are coming back to church! SO YAY!!!! Haha

Anyways, the rest of the week was good! We are still doing our finding for our 24 new investigators. We were able to find 5 this week(: Which means we are at 7 new investigators these past two weeks! YAY! Now we have 15 investigators we get to see twice a week! Haha we are SUPER BUSY! But, busy is best! We also received transfers this week!!! GUESS WHERE I'M GOING!!!!..... Nadi #2.... haha! Me and Sister Kotobalavu, my trainee/daughter, are opening a new area for the sisters here in Nadi! We are super excited, but kinda not sure what is going to happen! We will still be in the same ward and same area, but either me and Sister Koto are moving, or Sister Jonathan and her comp will be moving houses!  So we are still waiting to find that out! but this means that there will be 2 sets of sisters in Nadi! YAY! Which means mom, no, i won't be transferrign next transfer either because I will be training Sister Koto and then when she gets her Visa she will go and I will get a new companion and I will have to show her the area. So me and Ana estimate that I won't be leaving until March or April... haha! So I'll be in Nadi for half my mission pretty much! Which I am okay with(:

That is pretty much it for this week! No funny stories, nothing!! But the work is going so good! Everyday the work gets better. And everyday I love being a missionary more and more! I had a lot of tests of patience this week, but I learn and grow from everything! Haha(: Each companion and each person you face, you will learn from them. Even if you don't recognize it at 1st, you will always come out a better person if you try to learn something from them! I know that why Heavenly father puts you in companionships also! Haha! But every transfer is like a new start and can't wait for this new adventure/start!(:

Hope you all have a good week this week! LOMANI KEMUDOU! KEMUDOU SA WANANAVU!
Miss you all and love you all TONS!!!
Lomani iko!
-Sister Rich

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