Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Beautiful Disaster

Well this week was a beautiful disaster... haha(: 
But even though a lot happened we were definitely able to see SO MANY miracles...So without going into much detail we had a really bad dinner apt. on Wednesday night where a member just got really upset with the new missionaries. Which made me super sad because I have been here for 7 months working so hard and trying my hardest. I felt so bad for my companion too... she had only been here one day and it was in front of a member present and 2 sisters that were staying with us... But its all ok now. The lady is still mad, but we learned a lot from the situation. I really learned how imnportant it is for you to have a good relationship with your companion, and that is definitely something I have been blessed with, with my new companion. She is SO SO SO AMAZING! Her name is sister Au from Samoa. Its amazing how much can happen in one week! haha(: Anyways, the whole situation just made me realize how much I love the atonement. Becuse not only is the Atonement for being forgiven, it is also for forgiving. Because we ask for forgiveness all the time, But how are we going to make it through life without being able to forgive people? (even if they aren't sorry or feel the least sorry for being mean) Heavenly Father forgives us, so we need to forgive others too! And unconditionally love them no matter what!(: haha Kill em' with Kindness(:
So that was the sad/depressing story... but other than that this week has really been amazing. We have been able to get 4 new investigators. And all of them are part member families of less actives. We were able to find and teach ALL of our investigators this week too. We were SO busy and running all around our area this week. We literally would leave our flat at 11 and wouldn't get home until 930. I have loved how me and Sister Au just have the same goals and our priorities are the same! So it makes the work so much fun! Plus she is already trained and already followed up so we were able to just work and not worry about anything else. The spirit was the strongest it has ever been in some of the lessons and OH YEA... We had a baptism this week!!!(: Haha we got a referral from one of the missionaries and it was a family from Kiribati. The whole family was members, but the dad. And he wanted to be baptized. We were teaching hime for only 3 weeks. He wanted us to keep coming back almost every day until his baptism. So we did. And he was baptized this week. It was so cool to see all of his kids wityh big smiles on their faces. And even cooler was to see his son baptize him. This gospel is just amazing!(: And so is missionary work! haha(:
So more depressing news.... I am getting transferred. I am going to a place called Naulu. It is completely on the opposite side of the island. haha I leave tomorrow and Sister Au is just going to the next area. haha But we were so sad, because we worked so hard with our investigators and less actives this week and we were able to see so many miracles, and been through a lot just in ONE WEEK! But, it is ok! I know i wouldn't have been able to get through this week without her! She is so awesome and such an answer to my prayers. I am so sad to leave the people here in Nadi. I will never forget them. They have become my family! Its so weird how that happens. I have come to just completely LOVE these people here and I have tried my hardest to give them all i have.. And I hope I gave enough. But I am so excited to go to Naulu. Sister Au was telling me all about it because she served in the area right next to it! So I am excited to have a fresh view and move on!
I am going to miss this area, but I know I am going to Love Naulu. I can already tell!!(:
Well I hope your week was just as good and full of miracles just like mine(: Haha! I love you guys so so SO much! Something I learned this week was to learn what you need to learn to become what you want to become. So learn from everything so you can become YOU!!!(:
loloma levu!
Sister Rich
p.s. Sorry no pictures this week, i packed my cord already and forgot.... next week for sure(:

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