Sunday, April 13, 2014

Im in SUVA!!!

Man this week was just a great week!(: I can't even tell you guys how fun this week was. conference was just the BEST! And what was even better was we were able to get less actives AND investigators there! Man, it was so good. I know they felt the spirit. Especially when President Monson talked about LOVE! Ahhh... It was just so good.
I got to know a lot of the members this week as we walked around and visited them. They are awesome. The ward is a lot smaller, but they are awesome. The bishop is new and he is totally helping the missionaries. So it is awesome..
Our investigators are really progressing and me and my companion are getting a long SO GOOD! Even though she doesn't talk that much, we just sing. Haha.. 
So funny story.. we were walking to an investogators house the other day,  and when I have nothing to talk about we... well I... just sing! haha(:   But I pulled out my little hymn book and started singing to her.. And I wasn't just quietly singing either it was kinda like, we were walking on the main road so no one could hear,  so i was singing like I do when I am in the shower. She just laughed and I laughed and then we see people sitting out front of their house and they are sitting there laughing at me.... it was so funny! Its ok though... I just like singing..! haha
 I have started to learn the Fijian songs too.. I LOVE THEM! I sing them all the time and so we were OYMing and there was this lady I wanted to talk to her but I didn't know how to start a conversation with her, so we I asked her if she knew the name of a song and I sang it for her and she was laughing and the people around us were laughing because there is this white girl who is singing a Fijian song. Haha(: So I told my companion, if you ever get bore just sing. haha
So heres some BIG news.... I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!!! haha(: Again.. I am going to Suva! SUVA NENE!(: Man I am so excited! I am going to be companions with my companion from the MTC. Sister Alofoe! I am SO excited! I am actually in Suva now! I am just so excited to be here so close to the temple and I just feel at peace here. Not like before... SO I am happy(: The call came in Saturday night and when they said it i didn't believe them.. but it is true! Haha(:
Well for this week we had an amazing Sisters training at the mission home! Man! It is amazing when you learn from the spirit. It was so strong. There is this picture in the mission home of Jesus and this might be a little weird, but President Klingler was teaching and he was talking about the atonement and I looked up and saw that picture, and I just automatically felt how much our Savior loves us. How amazing the atonement is. Because the atonement is SO true. Its amazing how he NEVER gave up. He was the ultimate example of LOVE. And I learned even more about the Atonement from conference. It is amazing how OBEDIENT the savior was and I really learned how true it is when he says... "not my will but thine be done.." I feel that as a missionary all the time. I see that all the time. I put this trust in Heavenly father and I say to him all the time. Ok Heavenly Father, not my will but thine be done. This is YOUR work this is YOUR gospel. this is ALL YOURS. I am just here to help. I just really recognized how the atonement is more than just suffering for our sins. It is for everything. and for everyone! What an amazing older brother we have. We are just so lucky that we had someone do that for us. So that we can live forever in Heaven, in COMPLETE happiness with him and our Heavenly Father one day. Its just amazing.
This week was just an amazing week. I am just so grateful to be a missionary! I LOVE IT! I love being in Fiji. I love Sharing the gospel. I love it all.(: This work is amazing.
I hope you had another amazing week also! I LOVE YOU ALL!(:
Hope you are all doing your family home evening, family prayers and family scripture study!(: Be together as a family(:
-Sister Rich

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