Sunday, April 6, 2014

We sing as we Walk and Walk and Walk......

This week seemed so long. It made me feel like I was back in my 1st week on the mission again! But not quite as bad! haha(: Just lost and not knowing anyone. Its so weird. But it feels so good, because you can see what you need to do to help this area! Naulu is a great area! It is kinda depressing sometimes, because it is so cloudy and I am cold a lot.... because compared to the West.. it is really cold. But, I just take advantage of the sun when it is out and LOVE IT! All in All I do love Naulu! It is like the complete opposite of Nadi, but that's ok! Haha(: 
My companion is Sister Iro. She is from Solomon Islands. She is so cute and little! She is a recent convert. She's only been baptized for a little over a year, but she has a very strong testimony! She is so good. She just finished training and she was trained really good and picked up really good habits. Which is a great help. She doesn't talk that much..  So once again I just talk and talk and talk. 
When I get home You guys won't be able to stop me from talking! haha(: 
The ward is so good. It is super small! But it is cute! We just got a new bishop yesterday! So that will be exciting to start to work with him. They have strong testimonies and they are a cute little ward. It will be fun to get to know them and start to work with them. 
This week was really interesting. Nothing really big happened this week, just introductions to everyone and meeting new people. We walk everywhere. Our area isn't in a town, we are completely in like a settlement... I am not really sure how to explain it...  but we walk everywhere because there aren't any busses. So we walk... and walk... and walk... and walk. Haha(:
It was funny, yesterday we were talking and going to an appointment, and, well, I was just talking and my companion was listening to me, and we totally forgot where we were going, we just kept walking and like 5 minutes after we passed the street, we realized we had passed it and we both started laughing and just turned around and walked back. We just laughed at it!(: It was funny! Half the time we don't even know where we are going!!  
Ohhhh.. So we had a funny day on Saturday! We went to a Return appointment, but we couldn't find the house.. so we were just started OYming and talking to people. One man we started talking too was telling us all about his church and he started OYMing us.. But then whenwe tried to give him a pamphlet, he told us that he doesn't believe in women sharing the gospel...  !!!!  (Whaaaat??)  I just started laughing inside.. it was super funny to me!

Then later that evening, we went to a former investigator. Her and her husband are Muslim.. 
(I should've paid more attention in my Pakistan class I took at BYUI... it really would've helped... haha) 

But anyways, so we shared our message and then they shared their message...  it waas kinda getting a little awkward. He was talking but I wasn't really listening, I was paying more attention to the little boy playing on the ground, and he just kept talking for like 30 minutes.  
Then he just says "I know you guys are going to hell because you don't believe what we believe in. And we are going to heaven." 
I just looked at him... I had big eyes and trying not to laugh at him... (You know me and awkward situations)... 
I just thought.. Ooooooooh this is why they are former investigators... hahaha It was so awkward and then it just got even more awkward as he started talking about how Americans think that Muslims are all just terrorists... blah blah blah... I felt really awkward and uncomfortable, and my companion looked like she wanted to cry the whole time.... I guarantee that will go down as one of the awkwardest situation I have been on my mission! 
But I did learned from it.. 
1st off,  to always fill in why they are former investigators on the teaching record, 
2nd that Heavenly father still loves him. and 
3rd how true our church really is. When he was talking I just felt like this gospel is so complete. There are no loose ends. It really made me feel like I can honestly say that I know our church is true. And not just because I haven't known anything different my whole life, but because I know who I am. I know Heavenly Father loves me. And This gospel and church has brought so much happiness to my life. I just wanted to sit there and tell this guy how true I know this church is, but I knew I couldn't.. It was such an interesting experience and such a good one.. as awkward as it was, I am glad it happened! haha(: 
Isn't being a missionary amazing?!(: haha! I am just loving this more and more everyday! And I am SO SO SO excited to watch conference next week though! So that is something I am looking forward too! I am SO excited to hear about the temples and talks and just hear the MoTab! There is just something about conference that I just LOVE! 
Well, another week come and gone. Another month gone.. It is just going by faster and faster as I get further and further into my mission! I am looking forward to this week, it should be a fun one(: Hopefully not as interesting and awkward as last week, but hopefully I learn as much as I have! I love you all!(: HAVE A GREAT WEEK(: 
-Sister Courtney Rich

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