Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another week of Missionary Work, Tanning, and Walking!! :)

Hello my wonderful family!
How is everything?! It sounds like you guys had such a FUN Easter. I am a little jealous and miss actually celebrating holidays. haha! But I have the rest of my life to celebrate holidays right?!(:
This week was actually a really good week! Me and my companion are having fun together. We both wanted to work really hard this week and have set our goals for next week high. So it is going to be so much fun! haha!(:
We had a lot of members come with us this week which was so good! Having members come with us is SO HELPFUL! So any chance you get go with the missionariesDO IT!!!!(: Anyways, we had a really funny lesson with a less-active. We took our ward mission leader, and some of the YSA. We were sharing our spiritual thought and the ward mission leader was sitting on the floor and he totally fell asleep! Not only was his eyes closed but his mouth was wide open.... luckily he didn't start snoring! haha but it was so funny the other YSA members was laughing and trying to kick him so he would wake up but he wouldn't wake up. We were all kinda distracted because we couln't believe he was actually sleeping, but the lesson was good. When we were closing he woke up and the 1st thing he said was "Sister Lata we want to invite you to baptize" but she is a less active.. not an investigator. Everyone was just laughing even the less active was laughing. It was so so so funny! It might have been one of those had to be there moments, but he will never live this one down!(:
Another thing that happened this week was we got this girl as a new investigator. Her name is Filo and she is 19. She is awesome. We OYM'd on Thursday and then we went back on Friday and she said she didn't think we were actually going to come back! Haha! We came and the lesson we had was AWESOME! The spirit was so strong and it was one of those lessons that you just KNOW she felt the spirit too! It was so good. She even came to the activity that night with us. It was so good. Then we went to just follow up on her the next day and we went to go up to her house and she was sleeping but she had the Restoration pamphlet opened and it was laying across her chest. It was one of those proud missionary moments!(: Haha!
This New area is such a great change!  I love it.   The ward is SO GOOD! They are so helpful and I love them so much! We had the funnest ward activity on Friday night. It was an Easter one and we watched a video and then we played games and had performances. It was the funnest thing ever! You would've loved it! We didn't do anything big for Easter. Just told everyone Happy Easter. Haha! But it was good. Every Holiday as a missionary you miss home because you see all these families together and celebrating! Haha its kinda depressing. But I can't wait to come home and celebrate holidays with you guys(: haha Especially since I have come from a family who makes every holiday seem like it is the best holiday ever!(: Haha!
Anyways,  I am so excited for next week! It is going to be another great week of missionary work, tanning, and walking! haha(; LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH! You are all SO awesome! Keep being you and keep being the best!
Sister Rich

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