Sunday, July 6, 2014

Another Week in Paradise

Is this week really over already? I think I say that a lot, but its true. They go by so fast. Everyday seems to just Blur together! haha!(:
This week was so good. Maybe one of the better weeks I have had in a while. Me and Sister SIale had so much fun going out and teaching and it was what consumed most of our time this week. Which is a good thing.
We had some awesome lessons this week!! I will tell you my favorite... But let me give you some background info 1st. So we have our new mission president. And every quarter, the mission has goals that the president has come up with. We have been focusing so much on numbers lately, trying to get 11 baptisms in 1 month. And we achived it in March. But, in June they wanted to beat that. So we have had 2 quarters in a row where we were so focused on numbers. But this month was the start of a new quarter and IT IS AWESOME! We are focusing all on Christlike attributes, and learnign how to teach like him. This month we were to choose a Christ like attribute and work to obtain it. So for me, I chose Patience. Because I have kinda had a problem with that since I got here. But anyways, so we choose an attribute and we were supposed to fast for it yesterday. We went to visit this less active yesterday, and it is a less active I haven't seen in a long time. Just because things have been so crazy here. But, we decided to go and see her yesterday. SO we go up to the house and I yell "Josephine.... Josephine!! Its the sisters!" no one comes out.. "Jospehiiiiine!!!!!!" Then a head pops out the window and she says she is busy and telll us to come back on tuesday.. so we start walking away and then a guy sticks his head out and says "You guys from LDS?" I look at Sister Siale , and I wasn't sure if he was going to tell us to come in or to never come back again... But I am a missionary! So I say YES with a smile.. He looks at us and he says "Come" so we go in and we had such an AWESOME lesson with them. He is muslim.. well now he is muslim. He was a member, but he told us that no one from the church has visited him for over 20 YEARS! So he went to muslim. How sad is that?! But we had an awesome lesson with them and the spirit was so strong. It was definitely one of those moments, where you know that that is why you are here. He did say we could come back on Sundays, and he will maybe be home. It may not be anything, but atleast he will remember the white girl and the Tongan who came from the church!(:
Anyways, that was awesome! Me and Sister Trammell celebrated 4th of July. We both wore red, white, and blue and took pictures. We were tempted to buy some fireworks and light them. But it says in the white handbook not to play with fireworks... so we decided there is probably a reason for that and 2 girls playing with them probably wasn't the greatest idea. But we did come up with our own rap of America the Beautiful... It was a one time thing and only our companions were allowed a front row seat! haha(: But, I did miss 4th of July back home! I am so happy I will be there for the next one!
We have some baptisms coming up of some YSA boys. The 1st older people I have taught and baptized. AND... I just got some awesoem news. One of the part member families I was teachign in Nadi, IS GETTING BAPTIZED THIS MONTH!!!!!!! I AM SO SO SO SO SO Excited! I just got an email from the Sister serving there and she is getting baptized! Missionary work is just so awesome wherever you are in the world. But, being in Fiji just makes things a little bit better(:
You guys are just so awesome! I can't even tell you how much I love you all and miss you guys. But guess what?! I only have 6 months left! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! So there is this group called HEFY.. (Humanitarian EFY.. its actually kinda cool!) but our ward is hosting them. And the leader just finished her mission in March and we were talking to her and she was telling me about when she got home. She got off the plane and cried when she saw her family. And then when she got in the car to drive home, she started crying again because she wated to go back to her mission. As much as i love you guys, I don't want to leave! haha! But I am lucky to have 6 months left! SO YAY!!!!
Love you guys so much!(:
loloma yani!
Sister Rich

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