Sunday, July 13, 2014

It's a Bee's Life

Bula Vianka family!
This week has been so good! We are preparing for some baptisms coming up and we are so excited for them!(: One is on Saturday and the other is next week. But here's the awesome thing about them. They're bestfriends!!!(: They're so funny! They are dating sisters... and they're just awesome! They have both been so prepared. They accepted the gospel right away. Which was surprising because they are 23 and 22. But, that just shows how prepared they were! And in all honesty, I think I learned from them more than they learned from me! haha(: So it has been so much fun teaching them. I am going to miss seeing them 3 times a week! But, it is all worth it!!
We had this AWESOME fireside yesterday! It was a musical fireside. It was kinda like the one we did... I forgot when we did that one with all the youth.... but it was so awesome! I loved it! The theme was Come Unto Christ. And they sang the youth song "come unto Christ" and it was so good. The lyrics to that song is just awesome! I think it is my new favorite song!!!(:
We had a zone conference this week with the new mission president. Things are going to change here really fast. But it is changing in a good way! The mission is getting a face lift! haha! But it is going to look good not like Heidi from The Hills.. haha But he gave awesome insight! And we are so so SO excited for the next transfers, because we think there is going to be big changes!(:
Anyways, so I had this weird/cool dream last night. I was home from my mission because I wasn't wearing a name tag. But, I was talking about missions. I was talking to someone and I don't remember who, but it was someone i knew because I could feel that.. but anyways, let me get to the cool part. So we were talking about my mission and I explained it as a bees' life. (I don't know if i have heard this somewhere but I thought it was awesome! Ok anyways....) So i was telling them, you know how bees' SHORT lives are dedicated to making a honey comb? And they work so hard to finish this little part of it and right after it is finished they die... Well like us as missionaries, we work so hard and so "busily" like a bee for a short amount of time. We are dedicated to what we do. And when it is done we "die" or finish our mission. But the thing that matters most to them is the part that they have finished in the honey comb. They helped build a little piece but that little piece is still a piece. So I think what I am trying to explain in an email is that as long as we are dedicated to what we do and accept who we are for our short "life" as a missionary, we will be able to help build up the "honey comb" or the kingdom here! But, what I got out of it most is that if we aren't focused on the work.. like bees' when they fly around and mess around instead of doing their job they get killed by the big bad guys... haha! It made me think of in the Missionary Handbook Brigham Young says "if we come on a mission expecting to learn whats in the world we will come and go and return in vain" So basically we will get no where in we aren't dedicated to what we do. Even though bees are busy, they are building something that turns out to be their kingdom and they don't return i "vain". I know this is such a weird dream and it might not make sense to you because you know me and my stories.. but, it was kinda cool. It was kinda just telling me something I already knew that I couldn't hear from anyone else. And then today when I got the news that Hayden is home.... I kinda freaked out a little bit. THAT WENT BY SO FAST! So I guess as we stay focused on what we are "called" to do, we will have No regrets. And as a missionary I don't want that at all! Even though I am just building a little piece of the Lords kingdom here, i want to finish my piece I started!
Well I hope my dream made sense. Other than that this week was just full of appointments and working. Nothing really exciting. But I do love you guys so so so so SO much! Thank you for all you guys do! you guys are the BEST! I love you! Have a good week!
Sister Rich

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