Sunday, July 27, 2014


Another week and another change!
BIG NEWS! I am getting transferred! I am going to a place called Lami! It is on the other side on the bay. Not close to the city at all! And so far, what I have heard, IT IS AWESOME and I m so excited! And to make this even better, I am going to be with Sister Tua! We are white washing the area. Which means Both the sisters serving there now, are getting transferred and me and sister Tua are going there, trying to pick up where they left off! But there is better news!!! ITS FIJIAN SPEAKING AREA!!! So I am super excited and ready and nervous, and scared, and happy! Especially for the Fijian food!!!(: I am seriously so excited! When we got the call Saturday night, I didn't sleep.. haha! Sundy I was exhaustesd, This was definitely a exciting transfer and big one!(:
But there is some sad new... Sister Trammell is going to Labasa. Far far FAR away... haha! Actually another island.. But it is ok! We will still write each other. And when we see eachother we will have so much to talk about! We already don't stop talking but it will be worse! haha!
Anyways, other than transfers this week has been full. Not as full as yours! But still full! We were busy preparing our friend Lario for baptism! Which turned out AWESOME! He was so excited! he showed up an hour early! There are always bumps in the rod, but it was awesome! And it was even better because on Sunday, his confirmation was awesome! He cried during it! The spirit was so strong and I am so excited to have been able to be here for all of the baptisms in this area.
On Friday we had this cool fireside. Elder Haleck? (I don't k no whow to spell..) he came to the mission and he is in the area of the 70. He came and spoke to us! It was awesome. Something that I am loving about this quarter, is that they aren't focusing on numbers at all! they are focusing on how we can become better missionaries! How we can be better people. And I am loving it! That is all he spoke on! Is how we can be better, not how we can get the most lessons, or how we can get the most baptisms. But how we can actually HELP people. Which is something that I have learned... We aren't here to get the most lessons or to baptize the most people. But to Help the people recognize how much Heavenly Father loves them. Help them to come closer to our Father in Heaven. And if there is a baptism involved, then YAY! But if there isn't, atleast at one point you helped them feel the spirit and the love. And that is the best part!!!(: But something he said that I loved, was he told us not to look at people as where they are now. Look at them as what they can be! Imagine them dressed in white getting ready for baptism. That just touched me. Because we can do that for all of our brothers and sisters. And then we will have an eternal perspective and we wont give up on them! It was an awesome fireside!
I am still kinda sick.. but hopefully, once it starts warming up again, I will be able to get it ll gone. Evenone keeps telling me this is the coldest ithave ever been in Fiji. Which means it will be another hot summer!! YAY!!!(: You guys better be preparing your sunscreen and bathing suits! Because that will be all you want to do!(: Can you believe I hit my year mark this week! Where did the time go? TOO FAST! But, it was such a good year and a year I will never, EVER forget!(:
I love you guys so much! Know that I am thinking about you guys all week this week! Em's CONGRATS on your baptism! You will never ever regret the decision you are making! It is one of the best! And give my love to baby Matix! I so wish I could be there for all of this, but I am there in spirit! LOVE YOU GUYS! YOU ARE ALL AWESOME! Next week you will be getting a letter from LAMI!(: Love you guys!
Sister Rich

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