Sunday, July 20, 2014

The MOUSE is in the house!!

So this week my story isn't about a bee.. it's about a mouse!
But before you read this... you have to know that there are millions of mouse here in Fiji so what we did was not bad.... and it was the most humane thing we could think of! But if you don't want to read it.... skip down to ok so spiritual things.....

Ok so we walk in the house yesterday and standing right in front of us is a MOUSE. a live mouse. It was like petrified or something because it didn't want to move. So sister siale screams and jumps on the counter as i go and grab the 1st thing i can to try and catch it... So i grab our dish rack... haha! Anyways, after we catch it we didn't know what to do.. We calmed down and stopped frekaing out and decide to call the elders.... NO ANSWER... so we call the Zone leaders... Elder Ishi "bula Vinaka oqo Elder Ishibashi" "ELDER ISHIBASHI WE CAUGHT A MOUSE AND WE DON"T KNOW WHT TO DO!" *start freaking out again* right away you can hear his companion in the background just laughing and Elder Ishibashi is just dying also! They tell us to catch it on fire because we have to kill it somehow.... Catch it on fire? He's crazy... so he just said be creative but make sure you record it! We want to see it tomorrow.. so me and sister siale debate what we want to do but neither of us want to touch it or do it ourselves. So we call Elder Terry who gave us some mouse poison a few weeks ago because we saw it run across our floor.. but we call him and he just starts laughing and tells us to put on my shoe and step on it.... hahahah yea right Elder terry. So then he says so and get your landlord and make him do it! So... in the mean time our District Leader calls us in the middle of me talking to my landlord and he is laughing at us because all he is hearing is that we have a mouse and we don't want to kill it so can he? and so shania (th daughter) grabs the cat because the dad wasn't home.. we take it up stairs.. and the whole time I am on the phone and recording this.. we put the cat in the bathroom and THE CAT ATE THE MOUSE!!!!! hahaha! I know that is really sad.. but it was humane because now the cat had dinner... food chain!(: The cat was higher(: haha Well there is our exciting news from the week. and there is a video thats is even better than the story!
Ok so spiritual things that happen this week... PITA GOT BAPTIZED!!!
IT WAS AWESOME! He was so nervous! He was probably the most nervous person I have seen before baptism! But he was so cute and so excited! I love seeing people dressed in al white! It is such a tender moment for me right before they go in because they stand there and kinda look at the water and then they go in. Go down and come up brand new! And I just love baptism day! It is so awesome!(: We have another one this week and we are so excited for it!
We also got 2 new investigators this week. Senal who is one hwo we have been going over and seeing kinda and sharing scriptures and we gave her a book of mormon and since then, things have just took off! She is so ready to hear all about the gospel and all about the Book of Mormon. She has been reading non-stop! So she is awesome! Then we have a girl named Praveena she is actually a referral from Sister Limburg. The mission nurse. And she is awesome! We met her yesterday and she is SO interested in the gospel. She has definitely been prepared! GO sister limburg!(:
Other than that, I did get sick this week, so we weren't out a lot because I was sick and then Sister Siale got a root canal. So we had to stay in the house for 2 days staright and I WAS GOING CRAZY! I can't do that ever again! Haha! but I am doing better now and I am looking forward to this week. Hopefully it will go by fast(:
Sounds like you guys are having fun this week! I am so excited to hear all about the fun things you guys do this week! Make sure you take lots of pictures!(: LOVE YOU GUSY SO SO SO MUCH!
Sister rich

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