Monday, August 18, 2014

Bula Vinaka Family!!

Bula Vinaka family!
School has started already?! WHAT THE HECK! Time is going by WAY too fast! You guys just started summer break didn't you?! man! totolo na gauna! But, Carly you are going to LOVE 8th grade! I think it was my favorite year ever!! So many different things to do and being secretary for ASB is AWESOME!! You're going to LOVE IT!(:
Well this week has gone by WAY fast! Which is weird because now that I think about it, nothing has really happened. But, its always good when time goes by fast!(: 1st of all I will start with the best story... But before I tell you... I am ok and everything is fine!!!!(: Monday me and my companions went on an adventure to the hospital because I was still sick... haha! I couldn't keep any food or fluids down and Sister Limburg was worried.. so she sent me in to get some meds. So i did! I went and it was way fun! I just got an IV and some medicine. But I am 100% better now! So no worried!(: I did get to get a shot to help me too! So with all the meds I got better(: and am completely better!(:
Ok so next story... Its a funny one! We were sitting in church yesterday and I was sitting next to Api. Our investigator who is 8 years old. And he was looking at his A iVola I Momani and the picture of Moroni burying the plates is in the front and i asked him "o cei oqo?" "Who is that?" and he replies "O Thor!" Me and Sister Vereivalu were laughing so so so so so hard! It was so cute! It reminded me of Russell and something he would've said when he was 8!!(: I laughed!
Ok so now for the cool stories about misisonary work!(: When I was in Nadi, me and Sister Koto brought this Less active to church a few times and by the time we left she was way active. But, I guess a lot had happened and she is less active again. Well I didn't know this until we were walking to appointments and it was all fall throughs.. so we decided to go over to Qauia where we had dinner and just OYM and visit less actives and members. So we went over there and we went to a members house and she was just going to work but there was another girl there named Vuli. And she use to stay with Vika in Nadi. And now Vika and Vuli are staying wiht this member in Qauia!!!!!(: Vuli isn't a member but Vika is a member.. just less active. Vuli was so happy to see me and she gave me a big hug! But the reason this story is so cool is because when we were in Nadi we invited her over and over again to take lessons and everytime we shared something with Vika she would sit with us! But, she never really clicked.. but, this time, things were different. She was really excited and happy. It was one of those moments where i felt "thats why you're here". She hasn't agreed to take lessons yet. But, i hope she dies and I hope we can bring Vika back to church!(:
Other than that, this week was fun! We are preparing some of our investigators for baptism next week and we are super excited for them. That family is one of my favorite families here in Lami! I just have so much love for them! Like I do with everyone here in Lami! Today we got to go up to the office to get some things and I got to see Elder Peterson! I WAS SO HAPPY! We sat there and talked for like an hour! haha! Sister Limburg said she can tell I am so happy here in Lami. She said some people just aren't made for Suva and I am one of those people. haha(: But she said she can just tell I am happy and I am getting over my sickness, which is helping me get back to me! Which was so awesome to hear. Something I have been waiting to hear for a long time!(:
This week we have Zone conference. So I will talk to President about School and you guys coming to visit me!(: I am so excited to hear about w hat the new things are! I can't wait! Hope you guys have a good week at school and getting back to the normal routine of things!(: Time is just going to fly by these next few months. Before we know it I will be talking to you on Christmas!!(:
Sister rich

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