Sunday, August 31, 2014

Families Can be Together Forever

Well this week has turned out to be a good week(: 

Break is coming to an end here, so that means everyone is coming back from their different villages!(: Which means this week we will be able to see everyone we haven't these past 2 weeks! YAY!!! 

We didn't have any trips to the hospital this week! But, we did get to go to the temple, which is WAY better than the hospital! haha! But Sister Vereivalu had one of the families she brought back to reactivation, get sealed. It was so awesome and so cool to hear it in Fijian. I just love the temple and the blessings that come from the temple! They were so happy and the kids were so cute and so happy. You could just see the glow in their eyes as they were sealed for time and eternity! To me it just shows how true this gospel is and how lucky we are to know that we can be together with our families FOREVER! So i hope you guys love me because you're stuck with me for eternity!(; haha! 

We also had an awesome service for a family who the elders just baptized. They live up at the top of this mountain.. and when i say mountain, i mean mountain! haha! They are so awesome. We had to hike up there and then we helped cook and clean. And I even started the fire so we could cook the lolo buns(: I was pretty proud! Kai viti!(: haha! And besides doing service we were able to see how beautiful Lami is. Since they live on top we took a little while to take some pictures(: All i could think of is how amazing this place is and how much Heavenly Father has to love us to give us such a beautiful place on this earth. Heavenly Father really did make Fiji on one of his Happiest days! 

We had an awesome Sunday! We had our investigators who are getting baptized this week coem to church and even better, they brought their mom!!!(: I was so happy because i just love that family so so so much they are so awesome and i was so so SO happy! Especially because we had a senior couple talk in church, and they talked all about temples and family! It was so awesome. I loved the talks and I LOVED what they said. And she said after the lesson how much she loved the talks especially about families going to the temple. YAY!!!! It was the perfect Sunday for her to come.. we are hoping that the older brother and father come this week for the baptism and for their confirmation. 

i cannot even tell you how much I love this work. Last week I heard that Pita recieved the priesthood and blessed the sacrament and this week the family gets sealed. This work is the best work int he whole entire world! It has its challenges, but we knew that when we volunteered to come. We just finished reading the beginning of the New testament, and something I really learned was how much our Savior did for us. And when things were hard, he didn't give up! Like it says in Luke 22:44 "And being in more agony he prayed more earnestly..." He never gave up and just like he never gave up in anything or anyone. I think that, that is the greatest thing. We should'nt either! We should give up on anyone or anything!! So i guess the point of this letter is to not give up when things get hard, because in the end, nothing will happen. 

I LOVE YOU GUYS SO SO SO MUCH! You guys are awesome and the best people ever!!!
Sister rich

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