Sunday, November 16, 2014

A whole Bucket of blessings!!

Hello Family,

This week was another week to remember. Not much happened, but at the same time, SO MUCH HAPPENED!(: haha . But, I learned so much as the dys went on and on.
So I will start with the 1st thing that popped in my mind... Mission Tour. I don't know if you remember last year, we had Elder Pearsons come and speak to the whole mission. This year, we had Elder Haleck. And it was just as awesome. Sister Layton and sister Haleck, gave an awesome training about teaching techniques, and how to simplify your teaching. It was a really good training and a GREAT reminder of why I LOVE teaching kids. Because the gospel it is such a simple thing. It doesn't have to be complicated and confusing. "By small and simple things are great things brought to pass." Most of the answers are simple, but it is us who make it confusing and something so much more than it has to be. It doesn't have to be a 5 min speech to be true, you can give a simple one sentance answer and it will be more powerful then you 5 min speech. Which seems to be pretty easy fopr me because I have the sttention span of a child anyways, so things are always simple..(: haha Then we had president and Elder Haleck talk to us about making the most of your mission. Not regreting any second of it. Which was indirectly an answer to my prayers. As i approach the last few weeks on my mission... ever single emotion you could think of goes through me... i think of the last year and a half and everything that has happened, and I can't even tell you the joy I feel as I look back. As he was talking to us, I felt the most love just knowing that even though it was hard, i made it. Being a missionary has become who I am now.. It isn't just something i am trying to become. I am a missionary. and it is the best thing I have ever done in my life.(:
If you remember last year, i got the amazing chance to be interviewed by Elder pearson, but this year, i got to be interviewed again.. haha by President Layton this time. It was maybe one of the best interview I have ever had.. I had to realize what i did in Mission Tour to be able to have President just confirm everything I felt. President Layton is a man called of God. He directly answered my prayers. Even though I knew the answer already, I guess i just needed to hear it be said!(: It was another mission tour I will never forget!(:
Okay now the most important thing.. NEW INVESTIGATOR.. Meet Nicholas.He is 21 years old, from Fiji (; and he is IN LOVE WITH THE GOSPEL ALREADY! On Saturday we went to teach one of our recent converts. At this time my companion was on splits with the young women in our ward, so  I was with a cute little young women named camari, we go to teach our recent convert and he is there. We just immediately start talking and he starts asking questions about the gospel and the church. I simply answer them..(; (applying what i learned from mission tour) and it worked. We taught Ive, our recent convert, Nicholas, and a few other people who were sitting in and we passed out pamphelts to them. But Nicholas just ate up the spirit and took it all in. He committed to coming to church with Iva and he even started reading from teh Book of Mormon! YES!!! Anyways, so long story short, Iva called us yesterday mornign telling us she couldn't come to church. We were super bumbed because we thought that Nicholas wouldn't come either. But, we were wrong... God totally had his hand in there and Nicholas shows up and we went to church with him. And he loved it. He was singing and just soaking in the spirit. Then we walked home after church and he was askign us questions and we just walked and talked. He is so awesome! I am so excited to teach him! #proudmissionarymoment
So for this week not much going on. Just meetings and meeting this week. But, still saw the blessings in this work. Which means this work is true(: Another week gone by and I can't tell you if I am excited it is going by fast, or sad.. But I can tell you that this church is true and I know with all of my heart! I love you all so so so much! Au lomani kemuni kece. hum tum aap se pyaar carta hey. ofa atu. i tangiriko. i could say it in any language(: But I LOVE YOU!
Sister Rich 

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