Sunday, November 23, 2014

Bug spray Gone Wrong

Is it really the last week of November? Where did this month go?! I think as I get more familiar with a place and love it, time goes by faster and faster than ever. Especially this time of the year makes it go by fast, because there are ALWAYS things going on!(: But it is a good thing!
Ok so I will start with my funny story from today! So this morning we woke up to clean. My companion cleaned the rooms and i cleaned the kitchen.. but it wasn't just a wash it was a deep clean. I got in the cupboards and everything. Due to mouse problem we have... haha(; But I think we finally got rid of the mouse(: Anyways, so I had to clean everywhere I could because the mouse was eating everything and pooping everywhere. But then I had all my cleaning supplies by me and i was taking all the bowls out of the cupboard and all of a sudden I see a HUGE cockroach. I grab my handi-dandy-bug spray and spay all in the cupboards to kill it. Then i close the door and walk away for a few minutes hoping it dies.. in the meantime I go into the bedroom and start talking to Sister Alaga. She is cleaning while I am dancing and laughing at her. Then she says "Go finish your job." So we laugh and I go out to the kitchen.. Then when I get out to the kitchen there are like 20 cockroaches running around on the floor.. I scream and Sister Alaga comes out of the room and she goes "what did you do?!" me "I just sprayed the bug spray" she grabs the bug spray and if I spray that bug spray it doesn't just kill on. It is poison so it will kill all the bugs who breath it. So since I closed the cupboard door it spread and all the bugs in the house were posioned. Sister Alaga and me just started laughing because there were SO MANY cockroaches. And they were all running and dying... it was kinda sad. But kinda funny and kinda smart of me too! So it was kinda an adventure after that cleaning because I found a lot of dead cockroaches in the cupboards.
For another story (spiritual) we had an AWESOME Sunday! We had 4 of our investigators come to church! And what made it even better was it was the primary program! It was so so SO cute! I loved every second of it. Especially the song Families are of God? Such a good song. Just like you mom, I got all teary eyed hearing it! But it was a perfect Sunday for them all to come!
We have this AWESOME new investigator, I don't know if I talked about him last week, Nicholas? Well we had an awesome week with him again this week. We were able to commit him to be baptized. But he had basically already told us he wants to be baptized. But we still asked and he said YES! He actually wants to be baptized or as he says "born again" on the day he was born, December 27th. So it will be a best late christmas present ever! Sunday was funny to us, because we went to go and pick him, but when we went to his house he was still asleep. So we decided not to wake him. We took our other investigators and left. Then we sit down in relief society and look out the window and there goes Nicholas going into priesthood. Haha! He got ready and came by himself and actually almost beat up! he was so awesome and LOVED the primary program! He is an awesome investigator!(:
Another great thing about yesterday is my boys PASSED THEIR INTERVIEW!! Which means Saturday we are having a baptism! I am so so SO excited! Their names are Mark and William. They are brothers, 10 and 9. They are seriously like my little brothers. I treat them like they are. They are so excited to be baptized and I am too.
So it was an awesome week as every week is awesome as a missionary. But, I cannot even explain the joy that comes from this work. That has been something I have held onto my whole mission. It is amazing how Heavenly Father works, but what is even more amazing is that he is letting me be apart of his work! And I think that is what I am grateful for this Thanksgiving. The chance that Heavenly Father gave me a chance to serve him and the amazing, wonderful, beautiful people of Fiji. I love them so much as I love each and every one of you!(:
Sister Rich 

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