Saturday, August 3, 2013

1/2 a Letter later..

We got this first letter from Courtney on the Saturday after she left.  It was a quick one just to let us know she was ok.  and still alive!  She still sounds a little overwhelmed, but doing great!

Hi Mom!! vakacava tiko?! I don't have that much time.. but I wanted to write you and tell you i love you and everything is fine! I am not dead yet!(: The MTC is probably the hardest thing i have ever done but the best thing at the same time! My scripture.. D&C 6:8 has helped me so much! I know i have the desire, and i know i will help at least one person in this generation! Anyways, i am the ONLY POLONI girl in my district! I have two companions, but just until the other girl can come.. but they are so nice! Their both from Samoa and pick up the language easily! But their nice! Everyone is so nice and the spirit is so so so strong here! I feel like I am back at BYUI! But without Rachael, it is kinda hard.. haha! Anyways i am out of time but, before i go will you please get a few peoples email addresses for me?! Rachael, amanda, grandma, and there was one mopre but i forgot.. haha but thank you! Au lomai tiko! i am alive and i love you! My pdays are on thursdays so i will write you longer on thursday and explain EVERYTHING! tell everyone i said hi and i miss them!
lomani iko..
sister rich

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