Friday, August 9, 2013

First Real Letter

Vakacava tiko?! I miss you guys so so SO much! i hope everything is going as good for you as it is for me!(: Anyways so the day in the life of Sister Rich... its not that exciting! Haha(: But here it is:
6:00 am - wake up and shower
6:30 am - scripture study
7:00 am - breakfast
7:30-10:30 am - usually class part 1.
10:30- 1130 - language study
11:30 - 12 - lunch
12:15- 3:15 - class part 2
3:15- 4:15 - language study
4:30 - 5:15 - gym
6:45 - 9 - personal and district study
9 - 9:30 - can you guess? yep more study!
So pretty much you can say i am studying for the WHOLE DAY! This is why i never studied, i'm catching up on all the studying i missed here(: Haha! But really i wish you could all experience this with me! it has been such an uplifting experience and i love it! The first day i got here our teacher talked in Fijian the WHOLE time! We has no idea what he was saying! haha but they didnt hesitate to start asking questions and teaching us stuff! It is such an interesting language! It is so hard too! I am the only white sister here.. so that means everyone can make fun of me, which is pretty easy to do! Haha but it's okay i am use to it(: I have two companions! So we are a trio! I call them Sister MU and Sister A. i cant pronounce their names.. haha but their both from Samoa and super nice! They think i am so weird because of the way i say things... but they have no idea what they sound like to me! Haha(:
The first few nights were really hard on me.. everyone told me that as soon as you lay your head on that pillow that first night, you think to yourself "What did i get myself into?" and that is definitely what i thought! The thought of not being able to see your family, talk to them, hug them or do whatever you want for 18 months... no wonder people think we're crazy! Haha(: It is weird for me to wrap my head around but it is definitely all worth it! We had devo the 1st sunday and it was so good, everything i needed to hear!(: One thing he said was a quote by President Hinkley.. i dent remember what it says exactly.. but it says something like do what you are doing and the lord will guide you with his hand.. it was exactly what i needed to hear! I love it!
Yesterday all the new missionaries came in and it was so nice to  not be the newbies or "greenies" as they call it!(: I LOVE IT! But everyone here is so awesome and filled with the spirit, you cant escape it! i joke and call the MTC spiritual prison! Haha.. it actually reminds me of BYUI, were stuck here and you want to leave but you don't because it is just so amazing and you love it!
anyways, we have 2 teachers right now, their switching soon, but we are teaching one, he is our fake investigator! haha his name is luke.. and the first time we were allowed to bring notes and the second time we were, so we got in there the second time and i totally blanked, oh and let me add that we have to speak in Fijian, and this was only our third day... haha so i went in there and we were starting the lesson and i ment to as if we could start with a prayer but i completely blanked out.. so i just asked him can you masu?! hahaha masu means prayer. he looked at me and just started laughing.. which made me laugh an dmy companions were cracking up! Then he went back and told our WHOLE class.. haha so everyone teases me now!
My class, aka district, is so good(: Their so fun! We have fun learning Fijian which is good! There is one guy in my class, elder johnson, he reminds me of my friend, Joe so much! I love it because i have a guy i can talk too! He is hilarious. he is white so me and him are always getting made fun of!
Anyways, so my first week was very adventful! i loved it and am loving it more and more each day! I miss you guys so much but i know that what i am doing is what Heavenly Father wants us to do! Keep doing what you guys are doing and the lord will keep blessing you!<3 I hope this was long enough.. the screens are super big so it doesnt look that long but it feels like it took me forever to write! haha oh and mom i kinda failed at your atleast 1 picture a day thing.. but i took alot of pictures! haha so here you go! I sent you guys letters the other day so go check the mail aghain! Theres something for carly in there!
Au lomani iko! Be safe!<3 love you all! When you write me i will try and respond as soon as i can!(:
-Sister Rich
p.s. tell jess i said i love her! Did you give her that letter? oh and i have no idea what picture i am sending because i cant see them but the group pictures are of my district! the ones of the two girls are my companiosn adn then just the girls in my zone!(: and the one of my smelling the tree, i guess it is supposed to smell like cream sode! haha so we smelled it!

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