Thursday, August 29, 2013

4 Week Already!!

Bula Vinaka Matavuvale!(: 
Vakacava tiko?! I love getting all your emails and hearing all your stories(: They make me so happy to hear that things are so good for everyone!! Things here are going so so good! We GOT OUR FLIGHT PLANS!!!(: I leave on September 7th! Thats in 9 DAYS!!(: I leave the MTC at 12:00 and our flight from SLC is at 3:40 i think! And then we fly into LAX and have a 7 hour layover! That will be fun... haha then at 11:30 p.m. we leave LAX and we're off to Fiji!(: I cannot even begin to tell you how excited i am to get there, but how scared I am to leave! Haha(: Its like mixed emotions! But, when I get to LAX I get to call you so i'll let you know about that when it gets closer!(: Make sure you are all there though! I am so excited though! It will be so much fun! There are 21 of us flying together!(: So basically we will be able to convert the whole plane.. if we aren't the only people on the plane.. haha(: 
Anyways, things this week! Neil A. Anderson can and spoke at Devotional!!!(: I was so in love with everything he talked about! and it was even better because I made it through the whole thing(: But, one thing he said that I think was probably the COOLEST thing he said was "We love the things we sacrifice, and we sacrifice the things we love"! This totally could apply to each and everyone of our lives! So it was really cool, there were so many more things he said, but I would just be quoting his whole talk if I told you all the cool things he said! Haha(: Lets see, what else happened this week! After devo it was POURING RAIN!!! And they made us walk back to the MTC! Good thing i LOVE the rain(: It was so fun! I loved it and it got me even more ready for Fiji!(: Haha
Amanda being here.. i mean Sister Munton.. has been so much fun! I can't believe she already leaves on Monday! I am going to miss her! I love going and talking to her each night and just being able to relate to someone is AMAZING! Haha(: I love it! I will probably cry when she leaves! haha(: But, we will be able to see eachother eventually! More of our friends left! which means our group of friends is getting smaller and smaller.. which is kinda depressing! haha but atleast we aren't the last ones to leave!(: 
On sundays they choose people randomly to give talks and so last sunday I got chosen.. hah it was kinda scary being put on the spot like that! But the topic was faith so i talked about how Nephi had to have faith to go into the house of Laban! And then i shared a scripture the one that talks about having faith in things that he could not see! And then just bore my testimony! it only has to be like 5 minutes so it was pretty easy! I was actually really shocked that I was able to come up with that on the spot!!(: So Go Courtney!!(: or sister rich.. haha 
I got a package from Grandma and Cea! I was so sad they took my funeral potatoes!!! I wanted to eat those so so bad!!!!/: But the cupcakes were SOOOO good!(: Thank you! And i LOVED the dress and the skirt grandma!(: All the girls in my zone always borrow my clothes and say that they wish they knew you so that you could sew them clothes(:Haha So thank you!!!(: Oh and the Pretzel M&M's... I ate like half the bag last night!(: Haha They were so good! You guys are so awesome! I am so happy that I had you guys so close to send me packages and letters!(:
I can't believe I have already been here a month! Its weird that it feels like every day is so long but now it feels so fast! Its it weird! But everyone told me that the days go by so slow, but the weeks so by so fast! And the weeks go by so slow but the months go by so fast! Which I can testify that it is true(: haha! Umm.. Nothing else really happened this week!
We have our last sunday this week and we are singing in Fijian "God Be With You Till We Meet Again"! When we practced, I cried! So i don't know how i am going to get through it in Sacrament meeting! Haha(: But, it is so pretty! Sister Tinaicavaraba left on Monday and it was so sad to see her go but we sang it for her and she said it was so beautiful adn the people are going to love us! She told me the little kids are going to love me! Which made me so so SO happy!(: And she told me that I am doing really good in the language
for only learning it for 3 1/2 weeks! She told me when i get there i will catch on so much faster(: So it made me so excited to get there and to be with the people! If all the people are like her, I already love them! Haha(: 
I am really going to miss my teachers though! They have been so awesome and so encouraging! I am so lucky I got to have them!(: They said they were going to miss us so so much! Haha(: So that made us sad too! but, we still have a full week with them!(: Sorry this letter isn't that exciting! Nothing fun has happened! Oh I sent my back pack to grandma! I need her to sew it up for me because it is all weird when i put things in it! haha So grandma I send that to you but i sent it to rebeccas house because i dont have you address! Haha(: So she will probably bring it by soon!
But there are some things I need(: 
I need just like a plain white shirt.. i have some but they dont match.. haha and having a plain white shirt would be awesome! 
I need some ribbon that i can tie on my luggage! I totally forgot about that! 
umm.. i think that is it.. i might think of some more but i'll write it down for next week!! Haha(: 
Love you all so so so much! you are all doing great! Keep up the good work and keep loving heavenly Father(: 
Au lomani Iko!♥

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