Tuesday, August 27, 2013

3 Weeks Down

3 weeks down, 2 1/2 more to go!(: 
I cannot believe how fast this week went by! I feel like it was just the other day when I was on here talking to you! Haha(: But i guess not! Anyways, this week has been really good(: No ER trips, which made it so much better! Haha But this week has overall been a really good week and I am hoping next week is just as good, and as fast! Haha
So cool experience! Every day we teach an "investigator"! Our teacher told us to bring nothing with us but our scriptures! So we did.. We were talking about the atonement and how it blesses our lives and how we can use it everyday! So I was already excited, because the Atonement has been something I have really been studying here in the MTC! But anyways, so me and my itokanis (companions) were so nervous, because we had no notes, nothing! It was so scary! Anyways, we went and taught the lesson and I couldn't believe how awesome the spirit was when we were talking! It was so cool how the spirit impressed me so much to talk to him about how ghe can apply the atonement to his life and he answered back and i COULD UNDERSTAND HIM! It was so cool! I never have been able to understand them before! But it was so cool! Then after the lesson, he told us this was the best lesson we have taught yet and he said it was guided by notes or by anything but the spirit and thats how it should be! So that was the cool experience of my week(: 
My companions are awesome!(: Its amazing how heavenly father puts people in your life for a reason! And i don't even know why.. b ut their still awesome!(: Their names are Sister Manusavaii Uluselle and Sister Alofoe! I call them Sister M.U. and Sister A. Haha(: They call me polangi! Hahaha(: I love it! They have really helped me break out of my shell here! They have been so awesome! Their both from Samoa! So its fun to have the island impact before I even get to the island!(: 
Our teacher brings his laptop sometimes and he shows us pictures of Fiji.. OH MY GOODNESS! I cannot even begin to express how excited I am! I will be so excited to share my experience with you guys when you come(: Oh and I got this paper that is like my  missionary certificate, and it says i will be returning on January 27, 2015! So if you want to plan your trip around then you can(: Anyways speaking of my teacher, they are awesome! We have 4, but 2 of them are our main teachers! I have Brother Engel and Brother Crump. Their both so awesome! We call brother Engel Brother Angilosi(: Its his Fijian name! Anyways, they are all so nice and so funny! they tease us like Fijians and so I am getting use to the Fijian humor, which is so different from American! But I love it(:
We also have made this cute little friend from FIJI!! She is so cute(: Her name is Sister tinakacavaramba!(: Try and say that(; haha i can! But she is so cute! I will send a picture of her! She is hilarious and loves talking to us in Fijian! So she is awesome!(: 
Also, I lasted through Devo this time(; Of course it wasnt an apostle talking, but he was part of the seventy and he was awesome! He said that as a missionary no matter what, the most important thing is Faith Over Fear! That was really cool to hear and i love it! It has helped me get through this week! Also we had sundays frieside last week and this guy talked and i forgot his name.. but he is a football player from BYU and now he is some big news reporter.. Just not sure from where! Dad might know!(: Haha but he was awesome too! It really helped us realize the impact we as missionaries have on others lives and their families lives(: 
Anyways, nothing else has really happened this week! It went by so fast its all kind of a blur! I got a huge bruise on my leg from being Courtney and from talking while i was walking which wasn't a smart idea! Haha but its better now! One of my really good friends i've made since i've been here left the other day and it was really sad to see him go! He is from Samoa and coming to LA/Riverside smaoan speaking! He got me a samoan shirt and signed his name on it so i never forget him! Haha he is so awesome! So if you ever meet an elder mosile in the redlands samoan ward BE NICE(: Haha! oh and AMANDA GOT HERE!!!(: That was probably one of the highlights of my week! I was so excited to see her! She is so cute and we seriously talked forever! It was weird actually seeing someone i know! It felt like a dream! But, i woke up this morning and saw her at breakfast! So i know it wasn't!(: Haha! oh yea, Rachael send me cocobean cupcakes! She is sooo cute and we ate all of them of course(: They were so good! And so thoughtful of her! I got my blanket from grandma and a cute little note from her and Cea!(: so thank you for that!(: I LOVE IT! Becca wrote me another letter! She is the cutest! She related something to a song in Wicked and she was so cute! She sent me Pixie dust and everyone was laughing at me and thought it was cute(: I LOVED IT!  And your dear elders are so fun to get(: I love reading them! Tell carly I wrote her back so she should be getting a letter in the mail soon! But, it sounds like she is going to have a good school year! Anyways, i love you all so much Keep working hard at being the best person you can be! You're all so amazing! I am so lucky to call you my family!<3 
I will let you guys know as soon as i find out my flight plans! I heard we most likely will be having a long layover in LA...(; Haha 
Tell Annie i said CONGRATS!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER!!!(: And i am excited to go get your package(: Tell everyone i love them! Tell Brad and Ryan congrats and they will absolutely love their missions!(: They'll be awesome! 
The food here is gross,... but its okay! I go and buy snacks from the store and Cea has send me some stuff(: So has grandma(: I got my blanket! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I slept like a baby last night! Haha! Yes i would love if you could get my true to faith to me! haha i need it for lessons and study(: And yes i will ask around and see what everyone says about the sheets(: I don't have anyway to get them here though.. so if i need them you'll have to send them to me here! Haha(: 
But thank you so much for everything! Sorry this letter is all over! I kept having random thoughts in my mind and so i write them down! I will send pictures in the next email!(: You guys are so awesome and i love you! You are all in my prayers and i love you(: You guys are awesome!<3 
Au lomani iko!<3 
-Sister Rich 
p.s. i send a letter to our address, but it is for Joe! Haha if you could get it to him that would be awesome!(: Vinakalaka levu!<3(:
 The Fiji District and the Tongan District
 This is Sister Tinaicavaraba  :)  She is my cute little friend from Fiji
My Friend, Elder Mosile, who is going to the LA Somoan speaking mission, got me this shirt and signed it :) 
Look who I found at the MTC!!  Amanda!

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