Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy 4 Months!!!

Another week already? I can't even tell you how fast this week went by! I feel like each week goes by faster and faster! It is going by too fast! and yesterday was my 4 month mark!!! WHAT THE HECK! How fast was that?! haha(: Me and One of the Elders who I came with had a 5 second celebration yesterday at stake conference(: haha

This week has been a really good week!  We were busy all week! So that was good! We had a fun Pday last week, we  mostly just sat there and talked! So that was different from our usual pdays where we play volleyball! But we had fun! Then on Tuesday, we had Zone Conference! We have zone conference every 3 months, so this is the 1st one since I've been to here! and it was so good! President and Sister Klingler came and talked to us and gave us a training type thing! It  lasted all day long! So that was kinda long, but it was still good!(: Then we had our Christmas party... haha it was fun! Good food.. but that was all we really did! It really made me miss you all and being in the states for Christmas! Because, here you wouldn't even know it was December! It keeps getting hotter and hotter, where it should be getting colder and colder! Haha, but thats okay!(: I'm getting a good facial tan out of it!!(: Haha The talent show was the fun part though!!! One of the Elders and his companion made a song out of a Justin Beiber song and everyone was laughing so hard! It was funny! So that made the Christmas party was awesome.. Our district is having their own christmas party this week with white elephant gifts and talent show and everything! Me and Sister Lavaka decided to make a missionary rap! haha(: 

MY 1ST BAPTISMS(: I had such a great experience on Thursday! We had 2 baptisms! Liti and Bobo! It was so so SO amazing! The spirit was so strong and both of their families came! Mom, dad, sisters and brothers!! It was so amazing to see how these two girls can influence their families so much! Bobo's mom was crying so you know she felt the spirit! And their glow after baptism was just so amazing! It is amazing to see people make these commitments with our Heavenly Father! They were so happy and so were Sister Lavaka and I ! Everyone told us after how strong the spirit was! So i'm glad it wasn't just the missionary spirit that I could feel, the whole room was just filled!(: IT WAS AMAZING! 

We did celebrate Thanksgiving(: We went to an American families house for dinner(:! No Turkey... haha but there was BBQ chicken and mashed potatoes and alot of dessert! haha Mom, I was craving monkey bread and my potatoes all week though! Haha(: As the holidays get closer it gets harder to be away from you guys but it is amazing the spirit of the holidays! I can really see a difference in the lessons we teach when we talk about the birth of Christ in lessons! It is amazing! 

We had stake conference this weekend because our stake president is moving back to America! So our new stake president is our bishop! Haha So that was exciting! We went over last night to have dinner and he will be an awesome stake president! Me and Sister Lavaka are a little nervous about who the new bishop will be.. but, we are praying for a good one who will help us as much as bishop did! 

Other than that nothing really exciting happened this week! Sister Lavaka is done with her mission in 4 weeks... it is weird, she said it doesn't feel like it is going to happpen! We have transfers this weekend! So hopefully she will just finish her mission in Nadi with me! But I am preparing myself to get a new companion soon! I will definitely cry when she leaves! But, make the most of the time we have right now!(: We always have random pitch perfect moments where we will be singing one song and then we forget the rest of the song, so we change to a different song! Haha! We both love Disney music, so we pretty much sing that 24/7(:

Anyways, it sounds like you guys had such a good week(: I am a little sad I couldn't be there Brad, Ryan and Brads party! It sounds so fun and like everyone is just so excited for everyone(: I am so glad we have a ward who supports everyone! And its AWESOME that dad was going to go with the missionaries! The testimonies of the members are so powerful during lessons! They can really make the difference!(: So go as much as you guys can! Sounds like the missionaries are doing their job! Good for them!(: 

I love you guys so so so much! Keep being an awesome family and keep working together!(: You guys are so awesome! I can't wait to talk to you guys in 3 weeks!(: It will be so so so much fun to finally see you guys and talk to you! AHHH i just can't wait! sorry this weeks letter wasn't as exciting! But i do have pictures(: Haha love you guys so so so much! Talk to you guys next week! Have an amazing week and don't forget who you are!(: 

xoxoxoxo Sister rich

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