Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas to US!!

From: Jacki

We had so much fun talking to Courtney on Christmas Day!   She was having Skype Problems so we were able to get on and invited the family in Utah to join in!!  What an amazing gift!  We talked and laughed and cried!!  We miss her so much, but so excited that she is doing what she is doing and loving it!! Can't wait for Mothers day!!

So happy to see her smiling face!!

First connection!!!  MOOOOOOOOM!!! Yes, I cried!!

HIIIIII Everyone!!!  So happy to see everyone!!

Lets go for a tour of the Flat!

The Laundry! HAHAHAH!!

Their Yard

Their View

We love you Courts!!  You are amazing and such a bright shining light!  We miss your ray of sunshine in our homes!! I know the people of Fiji are being blessed!!  

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