Sunday, December 29, 2013

Love one Another! / OH.. and Im a Trainer!!

BULA family! 

Sorry this letter this week has to be so short! We are going to lautoke for zone Pday, where we will be playing dodgeball... haha! But I am excited to see all the missionaries and have fun with them all day(: But that does mean our email time is cut short! So I will make this all quick!

This week has been so good! It was SO AMAZING to talk to all of you! I love each and everyone of you! Keep doing what you are doing and don't ever give up(: Haha! I can't even tell you how amazing my family is! We definitely get best family ever award! Sorry I was crying so much! I was just so excited to see you all i couldn't hold back my emotions!(: But it sounded like you guys had an AWESOME Christmas! I can't wait till next year, when instead of seeing say you on Mother Day, i'll be saying see you all in 3 WEEKS!!!! AHH!! So fast! It will go by so fast! It seems like just yeaterday I was leaving into the MTC! WEIRD!
OH and thank you so so so much for all the packages and letters! I seriously feel so loved with all the time and effort you guys put into it! It was so exciting to get packages and unwrap all the presents! All of the stuff in them i needed too! So VINAKA VALEVU!!!(: 

Besides Christmas, we did go out and proselyte and do normal missionary work! Haha.. But that is really all we did! We didn't do anything big, just had a lot of lessons! I had a cool experience with a less active guy and recognizing the love of Christ for everyone. This guy has a lot of problem in the church.. his wife is still a member, and their divorce is still on hold with the bishopric, and he is living with his new girlfriend... It is all kinda confusing so I won't try and explain it to you because I know that you guys wont be able to understand it at all if I try and explain it to you through email! Haha... especially the way I tell stories! But ANYWAYS.... So we went to see him and we just taught him about small and simple things. And my love for him was still so great. Even after him telling us about all that he has done and everything. I still loved him. It really made me think of how no matter what we do, our Heavenly Father will ALWAYS love us! NO MATTER WHAT! It made me think of all the people in my life who aren't living the gospel and Heavenly Father just kinda told me that he still loves them and so should I. It just amazes me the love capacity he has for all of us! I mean there are millions of people in this world and he love ALL of them! Not just a few, but all! No matter what! It makes me want to love everyone like that! No matter how they live their life! We have to love them and so as I start my New Year! One of my resolutions will be to love everyone to the fullest. Not to think negative about their actions, really focus on the fact that they are sons and daughters of our Heavenly father! And I am totally going to sound like a missionary right now.... but I want to challenge all of you to do the same! Make that a goal for this New Year! To be able to recognize the godd in people and love them like our Heavenly Father does!(: I can promise you it will make YOU happier!! 

Well that is all I have time for! I love you all so so so much! You are all so awesome! keep working hard and always remember Heavenly Father LOVES YOU!(: Have a fun and safe New Yers Eve!(: Talk to you all next year!(; 

Au lomani iko kemudo! 
loloma levu! 
Sister Rich

I AM TRAINING!!!! haha
We have missionaries coming in theis week who are waiting for their visas to go on their missions, but they'll be here for a while so they start their training and serve here until they get their visas to leave! And I GET TO TRAIN ONE!!! I am just a little bit nervous!! I am not even done with my follow up training and i am now a trainer!! Haha WEIRD!!!! But so exciting! I already have a daughter on a mission! Haha

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